Wall Street’s Veronica Vain VS. Oregon State’s Kendra Sunderland – Epic Twitter Bout

Updated: March 4, 2015
veronica vain kendra sutherland

One of the greatest twitter battles in the history of, well, Twitter happened today. Two up and comers in the porn industry who have similar paths to stardom decided to attack the other’s success and marketing strategies in a hilarious exchange we were all given the privilege to watch.

Out of the red corner, we have Kendra Sunderland, who’s initial claim to fame was a solo video she took of herself while “studying” in the Oregon State library.  She has since signed with multiple adult entertainment companies and even has her own personal “Flashlight.”  Predictably, she is no longer a Beaver, as the University wasn’t too pleased with her recent behavior. Well, maybe she is a Beaver.

(Disclaimer): We are not a porn site, so I’m not going to give you any nudity but the below you tube video will give you the gist of how Kendra rose to relative stardom.

Out of the white corner, we have Veronica Vain, formerly Page Jennings,  who quit her internship on Wall Street to tackle the porn industry.  While working for an investment firm, Vain took nudes of herself in the office bathroom, posted them online with an alias, thinking her co-workers would never figure out it was her.  Welp, she got a call from her boss and was surprisingly let go!  Can you believe that?  The video below explains the timeline a little more succinctly.

Now that the public nudist/masturbators have survived the initial backlash, they’ve actually risen to stardom rather quickly.  Here comes the great part.  Veronica Vain decided it was time to attack her competition with a series of twitter bombs today.

This one is a little hypocritical, considering Vain got her start taking nudes of herself on Wall Street.

The conversation carries on for several hours, so we’ve only grabbed some of the better, more entertaining tweets.   Sunderland brags about her recent casting for a real life simulated sex toy.  Apparently, the new thing is to take virtual copies of vaginas and sell them to dirt bags for a lofty fee.

Vain isn’t having that.  She shoots back with an attack about Sunderland’s marketing strategies, claiming that a 1% royalty is a bad deal, as far as these things go in the porn industry.

Sunderland delivers a left hook when she questions whether Vain is ranked on Pornhub.com like she is.  #23 ain’t bad, Kendra!

Vain claims she makes more cash and actually gets PAID for her content.  Sunderland delivers a combo and says to Vain: “I’ve only seen you in one shoot.”

Vain then rebounds with a flurry of punches which might just have knocked Kendra to the canvas.  Apparently Fox Business has met with Vain to discuss her business strategies and how to max out revenue.  My god, Fox is really reaching with that one.

It looks like Sunderland is waiving the white flag a little here.

And the 12th round ends with a draw, but a rematch is on the horizon as they challenge each other to see who drives better sign ups to their respective websites.

All in all, this was a hilarious exchange.  You have to imagine it could be a staged event to drive traffic for both of them.  Hell, we bit on it.  Given the fact that the two girls got starts in similar fashions, it’s hard to imagine the hate runs too deep.  Thanks for the entertainment though, girls.  Good luck with your vagina castings!