Vince Neil Challenges Roseanne Barr For Most God Awful National Anthem In The History Of Mankind…And Wins

Updated: March 31, 2015
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Vince Neil is held upright by two cheerleaders, doesn’t immediately realize that he doesn’t have a mic for his ensuing National Anthem rendition, then delivers a terribly disgusting version of the song; likely ever recorded.  He is either “gacked” out of his brain, nearing cocaine overdose, or he swallowed a bottle of Donnie’s (Wolf of Wall Street) ‘ludes.’   It’s tough to tell.


Donnie On Ludes

What I can say is Vince beats out Roseanne Barr by a landslide.  First of all, Vince is a professional musician of Motley Crue fame and should be able to drop a National Anthem in his sleep.  Roseanne was actually trying to sound as obnoxious as humanly possible. Here’s Vince:

Here’s Roseanne:

Which one do you think was the bigger abomination?