VIDEO: Drunk Bro In Vegas Gets Knocked Out Twice For Harassing Guy Minding His Own Business

Updated: May 14, 2015

To commemorate our field trip to ‘Vegas at the end of the month, I would be remiss not to post the clowning of this drunken meat at the hands of an innocent pedestrian going about his business. That’s right, Team BLS and several of our more esteemed colleagues will be gracing the strip for a few days in honor of the Whizzle settling down with a nice girl for the long haul. If our crew engages in any ‘Vegas strip brawling, we’ll hopefully be on the giving end of one of these haymakers and not on the hospital visit, receiving end.

Check out these hot one’s!!  Dude gets leveled with a single hook, talks shit for another minute and a half and then gets the wheelchair punch.  Someone sign this kid up for MMA, or illegal street fighting, or something where he can let his dogs bark.  Impressive stuff.

As for the balding Bro that eats concrete:  Knock me out once, shame on me…knock me out twice, I’m the laughing-stock of the inter webs.

VIDEO: Bro gets leveled.