VIDEO: Danica Patrick To Denny Hamlin “Don’t Be Up My Ass!”

Updated: February 19, 2015

Here’s one of the funniest videos we’ve seen so far in the new year. Danica Patrick goes after Denny Hamlin after the Budweiser Duel 2 because Hamlin spun Danica out in the middle of the race. Danica ended up recovering to qualify for Sunday’s Daytona 500, but she was not happy with Denny as she seems to think he has it out for her. The ensuing conversation was hilariously filled with sexual innuendo disguised as NASCAR talk. Denny tells Danica that she is “loose” and Danica responds by telling Denny, “don’t be up my ass!” This wasn’t the usual violent post race dust-up we see when two men are involved in the altercation. It was almost like Hamlin was trying to comfort Patrick. CRAZY! Is it possible these two are getting it on behind Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s back? I mean Cal Naughton Jr. stole Ricky Bobby’s wife right? Anything’s possible! Here’s the argument, the crash and Danica’s post race interview.