True American Hero John Daly, Finally Gets Respect He Deserves; Will Be Featured On ESPN’s “30 for 30”

Updated: May 14, 2015
St Jude Golf

Someone hurry and pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming.  Whether this is a stroke of luck or the stars have finally aligned for John Daly is really only fodder for the glorious news that he’ll be featured on an upcoming ESPN “30 for 30” documentary.   This will be the series’ 74th episode as far as full-length features go and topics have ranged from the ‘good’ to the ‘bad’ all the way down to the ‘ugly’ and much like many of the featured athletes before him, ‘JD’ certainly runs that gamut.  Interestingly, “30 for 30” has only covered one other Golf related story; a feature run in 1994 about Arnold Palmer’s final US Open Tournament. Compared to the legend of “Long John Daly,” Palmer’s US Open pales in comparison.


I have no sense of what the John Daly feature film will tackle, but the life and times of the golfer provide more than enough riveting non-fiction to fill an hour or two of air-time.  Daly won 2 of Golf’s Majors, he’s been married 5 times and more than one of his ex’s has spent time in the slammer.  Daly attempted to compete in the 2007  St. Jude Classic just a few days after being bludgeoned with a steak knife by one his more decorated ex’s, Sherrie. He dons some of the more exaggerated Golf apparel in the form of the brand “Loud Mouth Golf.” His game fell off the table so drastically and sponsorships along with it, that he now spends his time smoking cigarettes and selling T-Shirts outside Augusta National during THE MASTERS. Point being, that there’s a great story to be told; as downtrodden as this all might sound.

John welcomes the idea of a feature film and writes that he’s “honored to be considered in that class of athletes.”  Let’s be real John, there’s not much “athlete” in you, there big guy.

Whether you love him or hate him, this could be one of the better, more revealing tell-alls in recent memory.  If ESPN’s take on the legendary ball-striker goes well, what’s to stop a major movie studio to take on the project.  We’ve already got our leading actor in Danny McBride and we could grab any number of no-name blondes in Hollywood to play any number of Daly’s 5 wives.


Until then, fingers crossed for Daly to win a tournament so we can caravan behind his camper straight to Vegas to watch the legend pull 10K slots and blow $750,000 in a matter of minutes.