Tiger Woods Played An Epic Round On His Home Course? Don’t Buy Into The Hype

Updated: April 2, 2015
Waste Management Phoenix Open - Round Two

The interwebs lit up recently with stories of a legendary round played by Tiger Woods at his home golf course, Medalist Golf Club.  Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel reports:

“The best example of the progress Tiger made over the last two-to-three weeks is the worst-ball 66 he shot at Medalist Golf Club. That’s where he takes the worst of two drives, the worst of the two approach shots, the putt that’s either furthest away from the hole or the chip that’s furthest away from the hole. And then if he makes birdie he has to validate. So if he makes a 10-footer for birdie he has to make another 10-footer for birdie. To go around that golf course, shoot six under in those conditions where you can’t hide, obviously, you can’t hide a weakness, and you think about the course record he shot there — 62 in 2011 — this round could conceivably be considered better.”

So Tiger played a “worst-ball” format and delivered an impressive 66.  Big deal.  First and foremost, this is his HOME COURSE, without all the fan fare and without the pressure of tournament play.  You all have a home course where you know all the breaks, how the wind behaves and which club and perfect yardage to be used for every single shot. If you’re not a golfer, liken it to your “home gym” where everything you fire up at the tin falls and you’re a gym rat legend for a couple of hours a week.

Tiger’s private jet was reportedly seen landing in Augusta on Tuesday and golf pundits around the country have all chimed in with tales of an amazing turn around over the course of the last two weeks in preparation for “A Tradition Like None Other, The Masters.”  I’m not buying this miraculous turn around and here’s why:

woods stats

Tiger has shown no signs of competing in two years and more often than not, can’t avoid a disastrous blow up hole, all leading to another missed cut. To put it simply, Tiger has 1 Top 25 in two years.  He’s made just 5 cuts in 9 starts and most recently, shows nothing that would resemble a “Masters ready” game.

Sadly, I’m of the belief that this is all just a ploy by the hooded television networks and the Masters committee to drum up some viewership for this year’s Masters Golf Tournament.  It is widely known that interest in PGA Tour events, both from an attendance and a television viewership standpoint have suffered mightily in the absence of a true super star.  Here at Busch League Sports, we welcome the current ambiguous nature of the PGA Tour and the fact that literally anyone in a given field could stand in the winner’s circle on Sunday.  Unfortunately, golf fans don’t share the same sentiment and the game has suffered.


John Daly Selling Shirts And Paintings At Augusta

When it comes to Tiger – all I have to do is re-visit this video of him skulling chili-dippers on the range to know that his game is nowhere near ready for the Masters.  It looks like he’ll play, but we may see his jet with wheels up on Friday afternoon.  Unless, of course he wants to join John Daly in his camper for some T-shirt sales across the street.