Tiger (Sans Tooth) Surprises Lindsey In Italy As She Breaks All-Time World Cup Record

Updated: January 19, 2015
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UPDATE: According to the Daily Mail: ‘During a crush of photographers at the awards’ podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged towards the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth,’ Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg said.

Tiger Woods flew to Italy to surprise his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the finish line of Monday’s Super-G in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy and Vonn delivered – breaking the All-Time women’s record, with her 63rd World Cup victory. Kudos to Tiger for taking our advice from yesterday and being on hand to celebrate Lindsey“I’m so happy to have finished the weekend with win No. 63. My family and Tiger is here. It’s a really, really special day,” Lindsey said.

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Lindsey was shocked to see Eldrick at the finish line.

Tiger disguised himself in a skeleton mask, and appeared to be missing one of his front teeth. The internet is now abuzz with speculation as to what happened to Tiger’s tooth. I tend to think Tiger may have been wearing one of those Halloween mouth pieces that gives the appearance of missing teeth to further disguise himself on the mountain, or he has had a fake tooth there since the infamous 9-iron that Elin delivered to him in 2009 and somehow removed it today, who knows?

I’m shocked that Tiger made the effort to fly all the way to Italy to be there for Lindsey, he’s always seemed like a pretty selfish guy. I’d also be shocked if he showed up with all the media on hand with a missing tooth, considering how guarded he’s been his entire career. I’m sure the explanation will come out soon enough, but let’s forget about Tiger and his tooth situation and celebrate the true lady of the hour, Miss Lindsey Vonn!

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Was the skeleton mask to hide the missing tooth? We doubt it.

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Well done LV!