Tiger & Dufner Play Open Practice Round Together – The National Enquirer Is Still The National Enquirer

Updated: July 12, 2015
Tiger Dufner

Well it looks like the National Enquirer is back to being the National Enquirer. After being largely credited with breaking the Tiger Woods cheating fiasco back in 2009 (most of which turned out to be true), the American supermarket checkout line tabloid tried to go to the well one too many times with its allegations late last month that Tiger Woods had been shacking up with Jason Dufner’s wife and was the reason why Dufner’s marriage broke up earlier in the year. Woods and Dufner teed it up earlier today at St. Andrews in a practice round. That pretty much puts all those rumors to bed.

Unless of course Amanda Dufner is such a nightmare that Jason Dufner is actually happy that he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore and he’s thanking Eldrick for taking her off his hands. Anything is possible I guess.

Amanda 2

Amanda has been know to be a bit of a loose cannon.

Amanda 1

We’d bet Amanda won’t walk off into obscurity for long.