The Year Of Men In Blazers (BLS 2014 Year In Review)

Updated: December 2, 2014
Men in Blazers

We’ve made it to the last month of 2014, and what a year it’s been!!! Each and every day of December we will be bringing you some of our favorite material that was on the BLS Buffet in some of the Water Cooler Cram Sessions, to recount some of the best stuff that went down on in our first year of business! Enjoy a look back at some of the best moments over the last 11 months. 


What a year for the Men In Blazers! From dominating ESPN’s World Cup coverage, to their move to NBC Sports for the Barclays Premier League season, Rog and Davo were everywhere on American Soccer coverage this year.  


Originally Posted In BLS Water Cooler Cram Session 8/12/14

Men In Blazers Head to NBC 

Men in blazers

The Premier League was calling Davo and Rog home.

Our podcasting idols the Men In Blazers are headed to NBC Sports to cover the upcoming Premier League season. They move to NBC from ESPN where they absolutely dominated on the World Cup Coverage (click here for our review of their epic perfomance – The World Cup of Men In Blazers {and ESPN}). The two commentators, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, will host their own show on NBC Sports on Monday nights, beginning shortly after the Barclays Premier League season opens this weekend. “To join the sports division of the network that brought us ‘ALF,’ ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Miami Vice’ is a teenage dream come true for me and Rog,” Mr. Davies, a TV executive who has produced such shows as Wife Swap and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire wrote in true MIB snarky fashion in an e-mail. The news was first reported Sunday night by The Wall Street Journal. The hilarious duo was best known for their weekly podcast on ESPN’s website Grantland, but their nightly appearances on World Cup Tonight on ESPN during the tournament this summer thrust Davo and Rog into the mainstream. In addition to their weekly TV show, Men in Blazers will also write and produce online videos for NBC Sports, The Journal reported. Last season was the Premier League’s most successful season ever among American viewers and the first season in which NBC broadcast all the games. . According to the Nielsen Company, about 31 million Americans tuned in to Premier League games, more than double the number for the previous year. As it enters the 2014-15 season, NBC will have the wind from the World Cup – the most widely watched in United States history – at its back. We are beyond excited that the Men In Blazers are back where they belong – covering the best league in the world.