The Gold Rush: The NFL vs. Tom Brady

Updated: May 15, 2015
brady goodell

By BLS Columnist, Justin Goldman

The NFL did the right thing this week. I know that Roger Goodell and his league have been easy whipping boys for the past year or so, often deservedly, but Tom Brady deflating footballs before the AFC Championship Game last season was a serious situation; justice needed to be meted out swiftly and sternly. We’re talking about the sanctity of the game here, about a player who willfully circumvented the rules in order to gain a competitive advantage. He had to be punished for that. And while some people may point out that Brady’s suspension was twice as long as the penalty initially levied against Ray Rice after he knocked his fiancée unconscious in a casino elevator, we’re talking apples and oranges here; what Rice did was off the field, not related to the game itself. Brady’s actions put the very sanctity of the game in question.

Did you get through that paragraph without laughing? ME NEITHER. So please don’t send any angry tweets my way. The fact that Goodell suspended Brady for twice as long as he originally suspended Rice is patently insane. Although, considering his track record, it is predictably insane. Is there any logic being applied to his decisions at all?

Even more than that, it’s the way the respective investigations were handled that really bugs me. NFL leadership, by all credible accounts, sat on the video of Rice punching his fiancée for months, claiming all the while never to have seen something that, frankly, there was no way they didn’t see. Meanwhile, when looking into the pressurization of pigskins, they dug into ball-boy tweets and other such minutiae to figure out what happened. Great priorities, guys.

Honestly, I’m mad I’m even writing this column. I should be writing about the NBA Playoffs, or about Corey Kluber’s 18-strikeout game that resulted in a palindromic linescore (8/1/0/0/0/18), or about Lionel Messi being better at soccer than any human being has been at anything since Jimi Hendrix last picked up a guitar, or any of the other awesome things going on in the sports world. But no, the NFL went and got stupid again, so I had to write this shitty column. Not that we should be surprised. Stupid is as stupid does, after all.

On the plus side, I do get the opportunity to watch Boston sports fans suffer again. That never gets old. For those who didn’t see the “Bro-tests” in New York this week, a few guys in Brady jerseys felt that, of all the problems we have in our society today, the one worth having a sit-in over was a football player getting suspended for four games.

The moral of the story, as always: Fuck Boston.

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