The All You Can Eat BLS Buffet (Week of June 8th)

Updated: June 15, 2014

Here’s all we put on your plate at the BLS Buffet this week. This is your last chance to make one last trip through the buffet line before we get to next week’s menu. Eat Up! 



Apparently TLC is upset with Rihanna showing off her skin, which we’ve seen a lot of lately. “Every time that I see you, you don’t have to be naked,” T-Boz said during a recent interview with an Australian media outlet. “We became the biggest-selling girl group of all time with our clothes on.” Is this an attempt by TLC to stay relevant and rekindle some interest in the music world? Seems like it to us. We applaud Rihanna’s response with a series of dress-up photos sporting TLC’s out-dated look and a new Twitter header that shows a topless TLC. Memo to TLC: Rhianna is constantly crushing the charts with her music. If she wants to show off her body then it’s her right to do so and her music speaks for itself. Oh and she also picked up the “Most Desirable Woman” at the Guy’s Choice awards on Saturday Night. BANG BISCUIT!!!

Apparently TLC was offended by this Dress Rhi Rhi wore to the CFDA awards last Monday.

Rhi Rhi

BLS thinks Rihanna rocked this dress!

Here’s Rhianna’s classic response on Twitter. The TLC look didn’t work then and doesn’t work now.

The pots calling the kettle.

The pots calling the kettle.

Rhianna has the last laugh taking home the “Mantlers” as “Most Desirable Woman” at the Guy’s Choice Awards.

Spike TV's "Guy's Choice Awards"

Spike TV’s “Guy’s Choice Awards”



The Guardian reported that Mario Balotelli took care of some personal business before Italy meets England in the World Cup on Saturday as he proposed to his Belgian girlfriend Fanny Neguesha. Mario reported to us via Twitter and Instagram yesterday that she said yes! Now he can focus on getting Italy out of the extremely tough Group E.

Being that we are on the brink of the World Cup and our WAGs of the World Cup Countdown has been so successful, We thought it was only right to throw in a couple of bonus Balotelli WAGs for all of Busch League Nation to enjoy! Here’s pictures of Balotelli’s Belgian Beauty!

Sporting Italy's #9

Sporting Italy’s #9

Will Fanny secretly be rooting for Belgium in Brazil?

Will Fanny secretly be rooting for Belgium in Brazil?

She's already mastered the Brazilian look.

She’s already mastered the Brazilian look.

Congrats to Mario and Fanny!

Congrats to Mario and Fanny!

We can’t forget that Mario has a daughter from a previous relationship with Italian Showgirl and Model Raffaella Fico. Let’s take a look at 1 more bonus Balotelli WAG!

Mario's Baby Mama

Mario’s Baby Mama

High fashion in Milan, where Mario plays his club football.

High fashion in Milan, where Mario plays his club football.

Raffaella looks great at the beach as well.

Raffaella looks great at the beach as well.

Raff 4

Mario moving on!



Does anyone else think it’s weird that People Magazine reported that Jessica Simpson and her groom-to-be Eric Johnson had a “tame” joint bachelor/bachelorette party? Here’s what People had on their site: It’s true Jessica Simpson opted for a tame – but no less fun – co-ed bachelor-bachelorette party alongside fiancé Eric Johnson. Simpson, 33, and Johnson, 34, hosted about 40 people, including their bridesmaids, groomsmen and Johnson’s former football teammates. Simpson’s mom, Tina, and Johnson’s dad also attended the bash at the Warwick in Los Angeles on June 8. “It wasn’t about being naughty,” says a friend of Simpson’s. “They just wanted a great night out with their friends and family.” TMZ on the other hand got the video that show’s Simpson stumbling out of the car and then the club. It looks to us like she had a ton of drinks or something else at the “tame friends and family” bash.

Solid questions as always from TMZ.

Solid questions as always from TMZ.



Maxim Magazine hosted it’s Hot 100 party on Tuesday night in Hollywood to celebrate its annual list of the hottest 100 women in the world (Guess the writers at Maxim missed out on the epic BLS Wags of the World Cup Countdown because I only see a couple of our 55 girls on this list, what a DAMN SHAME). The party attracted mainly B-list women from the pictures that I’ve seen, you know, the Paris Hilton types. Of course idiots Chris Brown and Drake were in attendance, no surprise there. The party last night gives us at BLS a reason to take a long hard look at this list and let Maxim know where they have gone wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the photos from last night and also some of the highlights and lowlights of this years’ rankings.


We love UFC ring-girl Arianny Celeste, she deserves to be much higher than #59.


Little Claudia from “Party of Five” is all grown up. We love Lacey Chabert, #45 is too low.


What was Noureen DeWulf wearing last night? Who cares? #93 is embarrassing Maxim. She’s hot!


Speaking of WTF? Yikes! Sophia Bush at #30? It’s 2014 not 2004.


The DirecTV genie is an All-Time BLS Favorite, Hannah Davis at #71 is insulting.

Country Star Kacey Musgraves is gorgeous and can write a good tune. Move her up from #70.

Country star Kacey Musgraves is gorgeous and can write a good tune. Move her up from #70.

This is our top athlete? At #42 Ronda Rousey? Laughable.

This is our top athlete? At #42 Ronda Rousey? Laughable.

How 'bout surfer Alana Blanchard? Not on the list Maxim? She's top-20 easy for BLS.

How bout surfer Alana Blanchard? Not on the list Maxim? She’s top-20 easy for BLS.

Either Blanchard or Anastasia Ashley (also not found), another surfer are a million time hotter than Rousey Maxim.

Either Blanchard or surfer Anastasia Ashley (also not found) are a million times hotter than Rousey Maxim.


This is the 3rd hottest woman in the world Maxim? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

This thing makes #25...

This thing makes #25…

And BLS Favorite and SI Swimsuit cover-girl Chrissy Teigen nowhere to be found?

And BLS Favorite and SI Swimsuit cover-girl Chrissy Teigen nowhere to be found?


We would have considered Nina Agdal for the top spot, certainly the top-5, not #37.

Maxim's hottest woman in the world Candice Swanepoel. About the only thing we can't argue with.

Maxim’s hottest woman in the world Candice Swanepoel. About the only thing we can’t argue with.





Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn are back! 20 years after the pals set out on their first adventure in 1994’s Dumb and Dumber, the beloved characters are reuniting on the big screen in 2014’s Dumb and Dumber To. Stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels debuted the first trailer during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. The 1st installment is still one of the most quoted movies for anyone in the 25-40 year old range today. We hope the sequel can bring us some more epic one-liners to deliver for the next 20 years. From the looks of this trailer it might deliver.



Which one is it Neymar? Maybe it's both!

Which one is it Neymar? Maybe it’s both!

Brazil, the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has rested a lot of its hopes on the shoulders of its young, brilliant striker Neymar. The pressure to win the World Cup in Brazil is immense. We at BLS think Neymar may be adding to the pressure he faces on the pitch by creating a love triangle off of it. As the Barcelona forward prepares to start the World Cup today, fans are wondering who the football star is currently dating. It seems no one is quite sure. According to an article in April from the Daily Mail, Neymar is dating Gabriella Lenzi (who came in at #7 on the BLS World Cup wags countdown, have a look), a supermodel who was born in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian beauty is a frequent user of Instagram, which leads to part of the confusion about whether she and Neymar are still going out. Lenzi posted pictures from Times Square in New York City on June 10, just 2 days before the World Cup start. However, it does look like Lenzi has made it to Brazil, posting a photo at the airport with a friend upon arrival. The other part of the confusion stems from a post from the fan blog NeymarJr, which posted a photo of Neymar and Bruna Marquezine, who broke up in January. There was also footage accompanying the post that shows the actress watching a Brazilian National Team training session. “As we can see in the video, Neymar reaches out to Bruna Marquezine at the end of the practice inside the Granja Comary training ground in Teresópolis,” the blog said. “The two have shown a few moments of high complicity, which clearly suggests that they might be boyfriend and girlfriend after a 6-month break-up.” Not to worry, BLS will be on the case all World Cup long. We actually have people on the ground in Brazil and we’ll be monitoring social media closely to see what ensues. We will also continue the WAG watch for all WAGs in Brazil in our new series WAGs at The World Cup, which you can expect daily until someone hoists the World Cup. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Bruna at a National Team Practice 

Gabriella Lenzi Made it Back To Brazil For The World Cup

Since we looked extensively at Gabriella in the WAGs countdown, it’s only right to have a better look at Bruna. Here you go!

Choices, choices, Neymar.

Choices, choices, Neymar.

The different angles of Bruna.

The different angles of Bruna.

Bruna makes a bikini look good!

Bruna makes a bikini look good!

Unclear if these two are back together.

It’s unclear if these two are back together.



Nike Football is running this awesome animation short on YouTube and has also made snippets from it into commercials for the World Cup coverage on ESPN. Some of soccer’s biggest stars are portrayed in a story of risky football vs clone football.  The animation in this little movie is awesome! It is well worth checking out!



Our man Fox delivered a great profile piece on our favorite SportsCenter anchor and original #BuschBabe Jaymee Sire. It’s been an epic journey from Montana to ESPN for Jaymee. You’ll want to read this to learn more about her. FROM GREAT FALLS TO ESPN – JAYMEE SIRE

We Love Sire!

We Love Sire!



Kate and Dan, 2 BLS favorites!!

Kate and Dan, 2 BLS favorites!!

Sometimes the stars align and things happen in a way that makes this blogging gig easy. We love those times here at BLS. Friday morning was just one of those times as 2 of our favorite people, Kate Upton and Dan Patrick, eerily appeared in our sights on a similar topic but in a completely separate and different way. First, on the Dan Patrick Show this morning it was time for the Danettes to settle up their bet on the Belmont Stakes. Fritzy and Paulie bet Seton and McLovin that California Chrome would win the Triple Crown. The loser would have to perform the act chosen when Dan spun the infamous “wheel of punishment” last Friday. The wheel landed on “painted on shirts”, which involves a body painter much like you see in all the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. As we all know, Chrome couldn’t get the job done. So today it was time for Fritzy and Paulie to pay up. Here’s video below to better explain (and then we’ll get to Kate).


Solid look boys! Now let’s talk about someone who looks a lot better in body paint than the Danettes. Kate Upton has been body painted many times for her Sports Illustrated shoots. Obviously, SI has to do some Photoshop touch ups of these shots to make them appropriate for print. I’m sure we’ve all wondered where those un-edited originals end up. Well it looks like one has finally surfaced. Kate Upton turned 22 on Tuesday, and what better way for Sports Illustrated to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for all she’s done for the rag, than to post a picture of her HOO-HA on their Daily Swim website!! Ok, ok, it’s painted, but clearly it’s unedited and we’re sure heads are rolling at SI. Let’s take a look at similar photos, with the edited one 1st. Thanks to DP, Kate and especially Sports Illustrated for getting the weekend started for us!


The Magic of Photo Shop.





COUNTDOWN: WAGs of the WORLD CUP – #4 – Lena Gercke

Bad kitty.

Bad kitty.

COUNTDOWN: WAGs of the WORLD CUP – #3 – Shakira

Follow @BuschSports and @BuschBabes on Twitter.

Follow @BuschSports and @BuschBabes on Twitter.

COUNTDOWN: WAGs of the WORLD CUP – #2 – Sarah Brandner

Sarah and Beer, 2 of our favorite things.

Sarah and Beer, 2 of our favorite things.

COUNTDOWN: WAGs of the WORLD CUP – #1 – Irina Shayk

Irina #1 on the BLS WAG Countdown.

Irina #1 on the BLS WAG Countdown.



Welcome to Busch League Sports WAGs at 2014 WORLD CUP Series. Here you’ll find the daily results of our online investigations into the activity of the footballers’ wives and girlfriends in Brazil. Let’s hope they get CARNIVAL CRAZY down there and give us all a month of solid entertainment. From our early inquisition it looks like some of the WAGs have been left at home. We will also keep an eye on the unlucky significant others cheering their men on from afar.


The Neymar love triangle we reported on in yesterday’s cooler cram has not gotten any clearer upon reviewing the social media accounts of the WAGs involved, after his huge day on the pitch. Various outlets have reported that Neymar is now with Brazilian model Gabriella Lenzi (Who made #7 on our WAG Countdown) and she was in the stands watching him play Thursday. However, her seats did not look to be in a location that would be reserved for players WAGs. Neymar’s ex (or maybe not his ex) Bruna Marquezine, posted a picture of the former (or current) couple with a heart-felt message on Instagram Thursday morning. We did our best to translate the message from Portugese to English. At this point it’s a toss-up as to who Neymar’s main squeeze is. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the picture Bruna posted Thursday morning, with the message we’ve tried to translate. 

Love … Today is a very special day..the day that vc starts living in one of their biggest dreams and I am very happy that I have been able to watch! As always I’ll be cheering for you! May God protect you above all, bless you and guide you every moment! I know that it will be much better than you dreamed! Enters the field today and gives your show, I’ll be all proud seeing vc doing what he loves! Good


Meanwhile Gabriella Lenzi was snapping photos in the stands. 


Bruna also posted this photo. It looks like it might be at a stadium site but it’s unclear. 


When will Brazil’s #10 reveal his #1? Who’s hotter? Tweet us your vote to @BuschSports



Flip a coin?


Choices, choices, Neymar.

Choices, choices, Neymar.


At least Gabriella and Bruna are in the vicinity of the World Cup. It looks to us like Croatian defender Dejan Lovren (Southampton) left his gorgeous wife Anita Lovren at home (we bet he could’ve used some comforting after the bogus foul he got called for in the box).

She posted a photo of herself having dinner on top of a skyscraper in Zagreb Wednesday. 

Anita Rooting From afar for Croatia. 


This looks like bad news! Does this message to Ronaldo yesterday from the #1 WAG on our Countdown Irina Shayk mean she isn’t coming to Brazil? God we hope not.

Shayk posted this photo Thursday, of Ronnie explaining something to her at the Cotto fight last weekend. The message below may be bad news for WAGs fans. 

Good luck to @cristiano and the team!


One of favorite WAGs Yolanthe Sneijder (#13 on the WAGs Countdown), will not be missing out on Brazil! We’ll be on the lookout for her!

Yolanthe and her mother-in-law are on their way according to this photo Thursday. 

Brazil here we come!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ 


Alberto Aquilani’s wife Michela Quattrociocche, posted this shot of herself in a bra on Thursday. That’s all.

Good enough for us!


Finally, it is unclear whether Edin Dzeko’s girlfriend Amra Silajdzic is partying in Brazil or their native Bosnia and Herzegovina. We tend to think the latter and like all the WAGs, we’ll keep an eye on her.

Amra is sporting the colors and ready to rock. Easy Amra it’s only day 1! 




We’re approaching day 3 in Brazil and still nobody knows who Brazilian star Neymar’s #1 girl is. On the 2nd day of the World Cup we saw a passive aggressive battle on Instagram between the 2 Fillies in Neymar’s stable, Bruna Marquezine and Gabriella Lenzi. We actually couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked at each of their accounts today. The whole triangle is really getting comical and we are hoping for more fireworks between the 3 as the tournament rolls on! Here’s a short breakdown of what the Brazilian Beauties posted on Friday.

Bruna fired the first shot early Friday with this Selfie of herself in an elevator mirror with a huge bouquet of RED ROSES! There was no caption on the post just a red rose emoji (the subliminal message from Bruna to Gabriella was: LOOK! NEYMAR SENT ME ROSES!!!).


Gabriella then responded about 8 hours later with a shot of her modeling for Rosa Clara, who makes cocktail and wedding dresses. The caption on the post read simply “Shooting” (the subliminal message to Bruna was: I’m sure you bought those Roses for yourself. Look how beautiful I am!!! Do you think I have time to worry about you? I’m busy modeling over here.).

Unbelievably 2 hours later Bruna posted this photo. The caption read simply “Shooting”, the exact same thing Gabriella wrote (AHAHAHAHAHA, we can’t even make up something this funny, this is all just too hilarious!!! A glamour shot probably would’ve been a better response Bruna. We can’t wait to see what these 2 come up with tomorrow). 


An early theme is developing at this World Cup and it’s not something that is unusual from the norm; the Dutch have the most fun! Although we are still in the very infant stages of this tournament, the Dutch WAGs seem to be partying down like it’s an endless happy hour at the local Amsterdam coffee shop, and we at Busch League Sports applaud them for it! Both Wesley Sneijder and Nigel de Jong’s wives were feeling it pre-game on Friday. Their positive attitudes paid off for them in the end as their Netherlands squad smashed the defending World Cup Champions Spain, 5-1.

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is a BLS favorite and #13 on our Wags of the World Cup Coutdown, We loved her enthusiasm yesterday as she painted her face and headed off to the stadium to cheer her man on!

We are also big fans of Winonah de Jong. Check out the awesome pose she struck upon arrival at the airport on Thursday! 

Winonah also went face paint for the game and was seen drinking a cocktail from a coconut prior to the game. Rock on Girl!


What’s with Spain? And what’s with Spain’s WAGs? Both basically gave us nothing on Friday, both are not living up to their potential and possibly both didn’t even show up to the World Cup. Spain has some of the top WAGs out there; #12 on our WAGs countdown Sara Carbonero, #18 Pilar Rubio and #14 Edurne just to name a few. Piss poor performance Spain WAGs. Well, there was this tweet from Gerard Pique’s gal Shakira, who made #3 on the BLS list:

Could Shakira be any more clueless here? Rooting for Mexico? What about focusing on your man’s team Spain? They will now be battling for a spot in the knockout round. We hope Gerard gave her a talking to when they connected via FaceTime. How bout you show up to the Cup to support your man and give us some photos Shakira, it’s the least you could do. 


What a huge win for EL TRI over Cameroon on Friday! Oribe Peralta knocked home a rebound in the 2nd half for the only goal of the game. Sadly, Rafa Marquez’s wife, Jaydy Michel, was the only Mexican WAG that seemed to show up on social media in Brazil. Big Ups to Jaydy for delivering to the WAG fans!

We would like to see Raul Jimenez’s girl, Paloma Llanes get down to Brazil at some point. 

Hey Paola Torres, stop tweeting weird World Cup designs and head to Brazil to support Diego Reyes, and tweet some photos of your pretty face to the WAG fans while you’re at it! Is that too much to ask?

At least Alan Pulido’s gal, Gaby Ramirez retweeted herself in this bikini battle with some Cameroon hottie; but Gaby, the World Cup only happens once every 4 years, let’s get some shots on the Brazilian beaches!!


Another trend developing in the early stages of the World Cup is WAGs either not showing up, or being left at home. It looks like Kevin-Prince Boateng sent his woman, Melissa Satta (#25 on the BLS listsome flowers on Friday. She seemed to like them as you can see by the caption she put on her picture (below). The real question is, are the WAGs being left at home because the footballers want to focus on the game? Or are the WAGs being left at home because the players are all basically Playboys and want to get their groove on in the hot spot that is Brazil? The search for answers goes on.

The best surprise! Thanku @prince09_ u are the one, special and forever! ❤️


Anita Lovren, wife of Croatian defender Dejan Lovren, took to Instagram to protest the refereeing in the Brazil/Croatia match on day 1. We gotta respect a girl who stands by her man and stands up for what she believes in.


What better way to end day 2 of WAGs at The World Cup than with Stevie G’s wife, Alex Gerrard enjoying a “Reset Rosé” on the beach in Brazil! This is the kind of performance we are looking for Spain and Mexico, take some notes!!! Well done Mrs. Gerrard! We hope to see more action like this tomorrow from Alex as England takes on Italy in the match of the day.



Saturday was a pretty light day for WAGs in Brazil. It’s hard to believe how many WAGs did not make the trip to the World Cup, or at least have not yet made it to the tournament. Maybe they’re waiting for the knockout round to make their grand entrance. Here’s what we saw from some of our favorites on social media on day 3 of the World Cup.


We start out with a former WAG. Diego Forlan’s ex, Victoria Saravia (who came in at #10 on the BLS All-Time World Cup WAGs list) was fired up for the Uruguay game yesterday as she posted this photo on twitter. Unfortunately for her (and Forlan), Uruguay got dominated in the 2nd half and lost to Costa Rica.


Undoubtedly the game of the day Saturday was England vs Italy. Super Mario Balotelli scored the game winning goal for Italy on a header. Judging by these pre-game pics from his gorgeous fiancee, Fanny Neguesha, we bet she was going wild in the stands for her man!


Plain and simple England’s WAGs are non-existent so far at the 2014 World Cup. We thought the picture of Alex Gerrard sipping wine on the beach from day 2 was in Brazil, turns out she may be on a holiday with her girlfriends somewhere in Europe. At least we know Coleen Rooney is on her way to Brazil. We did get this photo from Chris Smalling’s beautiful gal Sam Cooke, rooting 3 Lions on from home.


Turns out Gigi Buffon is hurting in more ways than 1. Not only did he have to sit out Saturday’s game with a sprained ankle, but it is also reported that his gorgeous wife Alena Seredova is divorcing him. At least your squad won Gigi. Take a look at his gorgeous soon to be ex-wife here: ALL-TIME WAGS OF WORLD CUP 2014 – HONORABLE MENTION #2 – ALENA SEREDOVA

No longer on team Italia.

No longer on team Italia.


See You Tomorrow For Day 4!!!


Don’t forget about Busch League Sports ALL-TIME TOP 50 WAGs of the WORLD CUP to Brazil 2014

Follow @BuschSports and @BuschBabes on Twitter.

Follow @BuschSports and @BuschBabes on Twitter.



Take your drop Roy!

Take your drop Roy!

FOX, & R-O go over the weekend in sports as well as some BLS Buffet items. The Busch Leaguers discuss:

  • The Belmont Stakes
  • Steve Coburn (True American Hero)
  • NBC Belmont Coverage
  • Triple Crown Qualifications
  • The NBA Finals
  • Money Talks on CNBC
  • World Cup Groups C, D, E.
  • The U.S. Open at Pinehurst
  • Bay Area Baseball (Giants & A’s)
  • Mayor Ford’s Rehab
  • Rihanna vs. TLC

BLS also offered beer-soaked insights on topics like; wearing your heart on your sleeve, epic rants, red faces, cramps, Pirelli’s take over of the cougar’s house, Japanese anime, Swiss banking practices, Queen Beatrix, Roy McAvoy’s 63, Mayor Ford cabin trips, and Rihanna thanking her fans. You won’t find this kind of expertise anywhere else. Give us a little feedback on twitter @BuschSports or Facebook Busch League Sports.


Look for the BLS shield on iTunes!

Look for the BLS shield on iTunes!