The 9-6 Sacramento State Hornets Need a New Basketball Gym

Updated: January 14, 2015
sac state entrance

Sacramento State men’s athletics programs have long suffered mediocrity due to a number of variables.  Sac State is a commuter school, which doesn’t contribute to student comradery and generally kills booster support and big-ticket sponsors.  The city of Sacramento is, however, a factory for highly sought after talent and most top recruits go elsewhere because Sac State lacks in funding, resources and most obviously; facilities.

The facility where Hornets basketball is played is known as ‘The Hornets Nest at Colberg Court’ and has been the home of basketball and volleyball since 1955.  1955?  The massive university in the capital city of the most powerful state in the country has the same gym it had in 1955?  This is an NCAA Division 1 program that currently boasts a very respectable 9-6 record in the Big Sky Conference.  Let’s review a quick pictorial so you can see what I’m talking about:

hornets #3

Max Capacity: 1200 People

hornets behind the basket

The ‘Hornet’s Nest’ Resembles a Practice Gym

hornets corner view

My high school gym sat more spectators

Recently, there has been talk about recruiting the Hornets away from the Big Sky to compete in the Western Athletic Conference to join the ranks of FBS schools in football.  One of the largest hold-ups has been the state of Colberg Court and the perception that it is unfit and too small in relation to other schools in the conference and in the division. After all the discussion and recruiting, Sacramento State will remain in the Big-Sky because their basketball gym isn’t suitable.

Here’s a look at other Big Sky conference gyms:

idaho state holt arena

Idaho State’s Holt Arena Has Max Capacity of 11,800

weber state gym

Weber State’s Gym – Head and Shoulders Above the ‘Hornet’s Nest’

Even high school gyms around the country are worlds better than the ‘Hornet’s Nest:’

loos field house

Newcastle Field House, a High School Gym

For whatever reason and seemingly for the last couple of decades, this high-school equivalent gym has been acceptable to Sac State’s administration, the athletic department and the CSU system at large.  It’s time for a change.  The team is competitive this year, which hasn’t been the case in many recent campaigns.  Frankly, a 9-6 NCAA Division 1 basketball team doesn’t deserve a downtrodden facility such as this one. Home games aren’t home games when only friends and family can squeeze into one’s home venue.

The school has investigated ways to improve the existing facility, including charging students $219 a semester to build out a world-class Event Center, but the student body almost unanimously rejected the proposal. If it were me, I’d be all for it.  You can’t really blame a sitting student body for rejecting a proposal which calls for increased tuition for a facility they’ll likely never experience during their respective tenure at the school.

Net-net, a new event center would cost $125 Million.  All successful NCAA athletic programs around the country have huge backing from local monied interest, boosters and athletic manufacturers.  It’s time Sac State hires some movers and shakers from the capital building to bring some cash in and solve this problem.  Status quo simply isn’t acceptable.