Stevie “Franchise” Got His Chain Snatched At A Hip-Hop Show

Updated: March 3, 2015
steve francis

At age 38, you’d think former All-Star guard Steve Francis would still be picking up bench minutes in the NBA. But, his story continues to decline with each passing year.  Just three months ago, ‘Stevie Franchise’ claimed he could still ball in the NBA, but scouts, professional teams and anyone who knows anything about basketball beg to differ.  Francis last played professionally in China for the Beijing Ducks where he made just four appearances before taking the pink slip.

Recently, Stevie was at a Sauce Twinz hip-hop show in Houston when gangster shit started to pop off on-stage.  Stevie had his gold chain stripped from his neck and found himself on the ground as a rumble ensued. No one knows who the perpetrator was.

VIDEO: Take a look at the scene provided by, who else: TMZ sports.