Skip Bayless Calls Johnny Manziel An Alcoholic

Updated: December 29, 2014

The king of all trolling has struck again this morning. I don’t want to get scientific or anything, but I don’t think Skip understands what alcoholism is — even though he had an alcoholic dad. Johnny partying on a Friday night with some teammates when he is on IR, or partying in the off-season before training camp, is far different than being an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic is when your body literally can’t function on a day to day basis unless you get that fix in your system. Does Johnny have that problem. No, no he doesn’t. I know Skip is a shock jock and that’s why he gets paid and that’s why he gets ratings, but I think he needs to shut the hell up.

As far as Johnny goes, I do think he needs to tone it down if he wants to actually become a capable NFL quarterback. Do I think it was that bad that he threw a party on Friday? Not really, but I do think he’s an kind of a moron for not waiting one more week until the season is over.