Professional Sports Broadcasters to Call Kids Highlights

Updated: October 21, 2014
Call my Play

20 years ago, VHS was the predominant technology for capturing Little League games, Pop Warner Football and AAU Basketball events.  The Camera usually sat in one spot and the screeching voices of excited parents almost always consumed the audio, making a high quality video nearly impossible.  Fast-forward to 2014 and the goal scoring, touchdown making, three-point shooting highlights of youth sports can be captured in HD format with an exciting new wrinkle:  Professional sports broadcasters will, for the first time, overlay a pro-style “call” of a given sporting feat.  Think Greg Papa and his famous “Touchdown RRRRAAAAIIIIIDDDDEEEERRRSSS” call and apply it to the sports highlight your kid executed during Saturday’s youth soccer game.

call my playThis vision is brought to us by  Delivering a multitude of sports broadcasting talent from across the country, the folks over at ‘CallMyPlay’ plan to revolutionize the capturing of youth highlights in this digital age.  We sat down with Larry Beil (San Francisco KGO-TV Sports Anchor) and Colin Resch (KGO-TV Reporter and Anchor) last week and learned that plans to expand well beyond the sporting world.  “We recently had a home-maker reach out to us, asking for an audio take on her cleaning house while her husband laid on the couch,” said Colin Resch.  “She wanted a play-by-play as she picked up his shoes, vacuumed the floor and folded his laundry.  Originally, we didn’t think this would expand beyond sports, but we’ve had some great fun with some more unique requests.”

Who wouldn’t want an ESPN or San Francisco market sports broadcaster to call their kids’ sports highlight for a nominal fee?  Below are some examples of plays already delivered by some of the most accredited sports broadcasters in the country including San Jose Sharks TV announcer, Randy Hahn and Oakland Raiders TV and Radio announcer, Greg Papa.  The talent list doesn’t stop there. boasts a laundry list of great talent.  Check them out.


San Jose Earthquakes star, Chris Wondolowski delivers the intro for this  Impact 98 U16 youth soccer game.

Greg Papa calls the TD for Julian “Jelly Bean” Havens during a Pop Warner football game.

Randy Hahn calls a hat trick for Randall Hahn.