Naked Rowing – Zuckerberg Tried To Ban It (BLS 2014 Year In Review)

Updated: December 12, 2014
NAked Rowing

We’ve made it to the last month of 2014, and what a year it’s been!!! Each and every day of December we will be bringing you some of our favorite material that was on the BLS Buffet in some of the Water Cooler Cram Sessions, to recount some of the best stuff that went down on in our first year of business! Enjoy a look back at some of the best moments over the last 11 months. 


Zuckerberg told the world what we would and wouldn’t be allowed to see on the Facebook this year and he took a beating from a lot of famous people in protest of his nudity (what he calls pornography) policies on Facebook and Instagram. C’mon Z! It’s nearly 2015 and you’re dominating the internet – a place where nudity is the main attraction- get with the times! We will never be fans of people who try to be the fun police, but we’re more than stoked that the awesome #BuschBabes of the Warwick Rowing Society got their page back and were able to do another awesome calendar for 2015! Pick one up for the upcoming year here!


Originally Posted In BLS Water Cooler Cram Session 7/18/14

Naked Rowing – A No No For Facebook 

Why is Mark Zuckerberg such a prude? He continues to try to play god and tell us what we can and can’t see on the largest social media site in the world. A college rowing club in England has been banned from Facebook after their nude charity calendar was branded as pornography. Students from the University of Warwick Rowing Society undressed for the shoot, which sold 1,500 copies, and raised thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support.
The 17 team mates posed naked in their boat house and in action on the River Avon and then posted the pictures on both Facebook and Twitter. The group’s aim was to drum up more support from fans around the world and top their £3,400 total raised from last year. Reports say the girls are pretty upset that Facebook removed their page “Warwick Rowing’s Women’s Naked Calendar” for its “explicitly sexual content”. Bullshit like this is why Twitter will always be a far better platform than Facebook. Are these shots full of “explicitly sexual content”? You be the judge. And it’s for charity, for the love of god Zuckernerd!

Naked row 1

Not gonna get away with Porn like this ladies.

Naked row 2

Zuckerberg would probably let this slide, if they boosted their post for $15.

Naked Row 3

Obviously an explicit lesbian scene.

Naked Row 4

Facebook checked them in at the Boat (Whore) House.

Naked Row 5

All we see is top-notch form here.

Naked row 6

FB = Fun Banishers