Most Useless Sports Report of the Year Award Goes To: FOX9 Minneapolis on Tiger Woods

Updated: February 13, 2015
dawn mitchell

There are so many reasons why this tweet from Dawn Mitchell from Minneapolis News 9 and subsequent rationales and timeline are hilariously funny.  Let me take you through it all:

On Wednesday, Dawn drops what she believes to be ground breaking news, stating that “According to my source Tiger Woods is going to step away from golf.”  First of all, there is no way in hell Tiger and his handlers would give Dawn here the tip on possibly one of the biggest news stories of the sporting year.  The story would go to a highly accredited news source that specializes in sports.  ESPN, the Golf Channel, Yahoo or any number of outlets would grab the story before one of the smallest markets in the country. Second of all, Tiger isn’t “stepping away from golf.”  You could argue it’s all in semantics, but a statement such as this one, written in this fashion lends towards the idea that Tiger could be perhaps done for the year, or even retired for good.

Dawn then follows up with a link to a story from Tiger Woods’ website.  This must be her ground breaking source. Wow, riveting stuff.

Now that Dawn has drawn all of the appropriate attention to her twitter handle of 7,000+ followers, she further dulls down her once breaking piece of news:

Then our allegedly “vindicated” reporter, Dawn Mitchell, begins retweeting support from her fan base; actually taking credit for the breaking news she delivered.   Awesome scoop?  For citing an article from Woods’ website?  Even PGA radio had no clue.  Again, masterful reporting.

Further support rings in for Dawn’s breaking news story she gathered from Woods’ website which tells us nothing other than he’s nursing an injury and will be back for the Honda Classic. In fact the title of the article reads: HIS BACK FEELING BETTER, TIGER PLANS TO WORK ON HIS GAME AND PLAY AGAIN SOON

Here’s where it gets confusing.  The Sun Times (Minneapolis) picks up the story and runs with the idea that Tiger is “Stepping away” from the game and that Dawn “broke” the story.

The now famous Dawn Mitchell continues to seek viability for being the one who “broke” this ground breaking news (of zero substance) even before ESPN did.  But, let’s take a little refresher course.  The news was derived from Tiger Woods’ website which gives zero indication that he plans to “step away from the game.”  Dawn didn’t have a source, facts or any substantive information other than a catchy headline she wrote.

Fast forward to February 12th and there’s now an alleged human source that broke this non-news that Tiger Woods was indeed “stepping away from the game.”  Who is this elusive source that told Dawn about this non-relevant news that actually isn’t true?  Riveting, riveting stuff.

Final argument – even if Dawn had a real source who was in the know on goings on in Tiger Woods’ world and indeed shared such a sensitive piece of news with her, the source was wrong.  The article we’ve referenced 5 times throughout this piece, which was released the same day as Dawn’s “ground breaking” news suggests the opposite.

It’s one thing to post an irrelevant piece of news from a “legitimate” news source such as Fox 9 Minneapolis, but it’s another to continue to defend oneself for allegedly breaking news that really doesn’t exist.  Then again, considering that the source is a member of the Fox News family, we’re not surprised at all.  Journalism at it’s finest, folks.