Models Hate on Kendall Jenner at New York Fashion Week

Updated: September 10, 2014
Kendall Cover

Kendall Jenner may be the one member of the Kardashian Klowns that actually has some talent, albeit looking good walking down a runway is all her talent really entails…well that and walking out of restaurants without paying as well. To nobody’s surprise, Kendall has been all over the runways at New York Fashion Week, working for some of fashion’s most famous designers.

Kendall Tommy

Kendall walked in Tommy Hilfiger ‘s show at NYFW.

Not everyone is as stoked as the E! Network, the world Paparazzi, and Kendall’s pushy mother Kris Jenner that Kendall was included in the shows of fashion heavyweights Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenberg. In fact, there seems to be some genuine backlash against Kendall (she’s also only going by one name now) from non-celebrity runway models who think the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is getting all the top jobs just because she’s a member of the Klowns.

Kendall Naked

Kendall topless with cancer stick for Love Remix magazine.

Here’s what reported on the matter: Sierra Illig, a model with MSA Model Management says that Jenner’s presence on the fashion scene affects all the “non-celebrity” models, telling Fox News that the reality star is taking away the modeling jobs of other models who are not as famous as her and her family. 

“Unfortunately, it affects non-celebrity models by taking away paying jobs and great opportunities for non-celebrity models to succeed in their career. It is hard to see our modeling jobs being handed over so quickly to celebrities simply because of their fame, familiar face, and Hollywood connections,” she admitted. 

Click Model Management Director Harold Mindel also echoes Illig’s thoughts, noting that Jenner’s multiple appearances on famous catwalks shadows a model who is not previously well-known to the media. Mindel believes that Jenner’s success is directly attributed to her relation to Kardashian, noting that she is “Kim Kardashian’s sister and Kanye West’s sis in law and went to Valentino’s house.”


Kendall Valentino

Kendall at Valentino’s place.

So is this just a case of jealousy by working models, or would Kendall be a top runway model even without her TV show and last name? While there can be no doubt that being a member of the Klowns has rapidly advanced Kendall’s modeling career, we suspect she’s pretty enough to be a working runway model even without the unfair advantages she holds over the others. We completely understand the frustration of the girls who have paid their dues, but they need to remember they are working in an industry that is just as shallow as the entire Kardashian family. Take a look at how fast these world-famous designers have slobbered over the Klowns – who somehow turned an appearance in a sex-tape with a D-list celebrity into palling around with fashion’s elite. EMBARRASSING!

CM 5

Charlotte McKinney addressed the Jenner backlash on Fox News

We admit Kendall is gorgeous, but we much prefer more full-figured models to the starved ladies who work in the weird fashion world around the catwalks. We think girls like Lauren Hanley and Tianna Gregory are a lot hotter than these Kendall Jenner types and their pictures are a lot more fun to look at. Guess model Charlotte McKinney addressed the frustration models have with Jenner getting top gigs at fashion week on an appearance with Fox News earlier this week


We’re Charlotte McKinney fans here at BLS, but we found it kind of curious that she said nude modeling “wasn’t really for her…at least not yet” in the interview. She really hasn’t left much to the imagination in some of our favorite shots of her. At least she can say she’s made it without the help of a ruthless mom (Kris Jenner), who whores her kids out for any and all notoriety, publicity, and profit. Take a look at Charlotte’s greatest hits below.


CM 1


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