Michael Phelps Intersex Girlfriend Spills The Beans And Out Of Her Top On Howard Stern

Updated: January 6, 2015

The woman who was born as Intersex, then had corrective surgery to become a woman and claims to have dated Michael Phelps appeared on the Howard Stern Show today. Taylor Chandler literally let it all hang out for Howard. She claimed Michael Phelps was a great (and big) lover, but that she broke up with him because she found out that he had cheated on her. Howard remarked that she seemed like a credible person even though she had been in trouble with the law over 2 decades ago. Her validation to the claim was that Phelps’ management did not bring suit or a cease and desist letter against her, which apparently they are famous for (according to her, along with confidentiality agreements).

Aside from the Phelps information, Chandler also divulged that she had a terrible childhood and has been the victim of sexual abuse and even rape while in a men’s jail. She claimed she was raped a 2nd time at gunpoint after she got out of jail (for extortion). She also claimed that she has dated a number of other professional athletes stating, “I could have¬†been the Orlando Magic’s mascot” but she didn’t reveal any names from the roster. She did mention that she dated former New York Jets linebacker Kelvin Moses, but she said he played for the Jets for 8 years. He actually barely got on the field in 2 seasons with the Jets in the early 2000s. She also listed off about 10 other NFL teams from which she’s dated players.


Chandler with Kelvin Moses.

It’s a bit hard to know if this woman is telling the truth or not, but she claims to have a book deal in place to tell her story. She also has offers from Vivid to do porn…no shock there. Before she left the studio, Chandler had no problem getting completely naked for Howard – she’s not breaking any new ground there. Howard was impressed with her body and felt that she was probably telling the truth about the relationship with Phelps.