Massive NorCal Storm Brings Surfing On Lake Tahoe

Updated: December 11, 2014
Lake tahoe

A massive storm that has pummeled the Bay Area, Sacramento and Sierra Nevadas for a good 24 hours straight now, brought waves to the Lake Tahoe shores big enough to surf on today. People were reporting waves as high as 7 feet on the frigid lake.

I am currently in Sacramento about 60 miles from the lake and it has not stopped raining for a second here today. I’ve experienced waves close to this size on Tahoe before, but it was during a freak storm in the summer about 5 years ago (when the water was a little bit warmer).

I actually piloted a boat home (with a couple of fellow Busch Leaguers) from the Chambers bar (after a few too many punches) and apparently didn’t leave early enough to beat the storm back to the Tahoe Park Bouy field (we didn’t think the heavy stuff was going to come down for quite a while).


The Chambers bar – easy to lose track of time and storm clouds.

We were able to negotiate our way through the high seas (thanks mainly to everything Captain Sig taught us on Deadliest Catch over the years) back to Sunnyside on the West Shore and when we arrived, we saw a number of boats that had overturned on the beach because of the storm. There were a number of mesmerized onlookers at the Sunnyside deck bar wondering how we were going to get through the maze of boats in the bouy field to secure our boat to our bouy, while also dealing with the small squall. Needless to say, we got a standing ovation when we somehow succeeded in our mission. There are no boats out on the lake in December obviously, but these surfers did all of NorCal proud today.