Manchester United Players Under Investigation For Filming Sex Act In Nightclub

Updated: February 9, 2015
Man U

And you thought American football players were bad! While the Americans clearly earned all the criticism they got this past season for their transgressions off the field, footballers in Europe have long been notorious for running amok in the clubs and party scenes in cities across the continent, all while being closely monitored by the super intense paparazzi across the pond. While athletes in the U.S.A. are rarely called out for cheating on their significant others by the media, it’s a regular occurrence in the gossip rags of Europe.

The latest scandal involves players for Manchester United, who apparently filmed a player and a women engaged in a sex act in a bathroom stall of a nightclub. The report by the Mirror states the player who did or received the deed is believed to be an international player – great, over half the roster is filled by international players. The story first reported by The Sun also claims that somebody was filming from above the stall and somebody was filming from below the stall. Are these guys training for a 2nd career in porn? Who was the director? Apparently the women involved has not filed a complaint and may have had second thoughts about what she agreed to do when it was learned that the video may have been passed around the United locker room. Although this doesn’t appear to be a criminal matter, the football club is said to be launching an internal investigation into what happened.


Chevy didn’t sign up for this.

Things have not exactly gone according to plan in Louis van Gaal’s 1st season as manager at Old Trafford as the Red Devils sit in 4th place in the Barclays Premier League, 12 points behind the leaders Chelsea. Mr. van Gaal cannot be pleased with this scandal off the pitch either. We shall see what comes of these allegations as more facts are gathered, but one thing is for sure: the tabloids in England will be investigating until they get to the bottom of this situation.


van Gaal has to be seething.

From the Mirror:

Manchester United have refused to comment after players allegedly filmed an unnamed member of the team having a sex act performed on them by a woman in a night club toilet cubicle.Players are apparently set to be questioned by United’s senior officials for the off-field antics, believed to have taken place on a team night out. The Sun on Sunday reported that there is an internal investigation taking place at Old Trafford following the incident, which involves a number of United stars. It was claimed that the video of the unnamed player, believed to be one of the team’s international stars, and the woman, understood to be in her late 20s, was filmed over the top of a toilet cubicle in a night club in Manchester.

A source told The Sun: “They were in the toilets with the doors closed, but other players were filming over the top of the door. It’s disgusting behaviour. “The girl has also been told there was someone filming from underneath.”
The woman in question is said to be concerned that the video has since been passed around the rest of the United team. It is thought that the players made the tape as a prank, but the woman is said to be an “emotional wreck” after it was passed around other members of the team. The source added: “It was a drunken moment and they both got excited.” However, Greater Manchester Police are not currently probing the alleged incident as they have yet to receive a complaint.