Legends Football League Coach Chris Michaelson Channels His Inner Knute Rockne – Actually, Not Really

Updated: June 24, 2015

The women’s football association formerly known as the “Lingerie Football League” is all kinds of fucked up. The players, who mainly garner appeal through the wearing of revealing uniforms don’t make salaries, but rather a percentage of ticket sales for each game.  The league disallows the formation of unions.  The gear the league provides the players is far more revealing that it is protecting and believe it or not, injuries sustained during games aren’t even covered by the teams or the league.  Seems like a great deal for athletic women still trying to fulfill their dreams of playing in the big time, doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong.  Some of these footballers are hotties and after watching some game film, there is a high element of talent out there.  But, take all these shitty conditions and couple them with this rant from Seattle Mist Coach Chris Michaelson and you have to wonder how the league stays in business.

I played competitive sports in college and I know ‘F-Bombs’ are dropped on the regular in most high-level sporting locker rooms; but this dude is way off his rocker.  Any of these women could more than likely hii-yaa this clown with a quick forearm, so it’s really hard to believe this ‘LFL’ coach (who likely makes 10K a season) is given the bandwidth to shred these gals to pieces.