Latest PGA Tour Poll Says Fowler, Poulter Most Overrated

Updated: May 6, 2015

Sports Illustrated and ESPN are proving to be quite useful when it comes to putting a microscope on the PGA Tour and its ball strikers.  In a sport that has been less than revealing with the media ‘SI’ and The Mothership have turned to some anonymous peer polling amongst golfers on tour who seem more than willing to pass insights about their competition.

The first relatively ground breaking poll conducted by revealed that Bubba Watson was the least liked golfer on the PGA Tour.  Anyone who follows golf, whether they be Golf Channel addicts or weekend warriors, should know that Bubba’s anointing as the biggest prick in golf should really come as no surprise.  He blames his caddie for mis-hits, passing them off as bad yardage readings.  He frequently squawks at paying customers walking the course, hoping to catch a glimpse of his pink driver.  The point being that it was refreshing to see Watson coined as the miserable jerk that we all know him to be.


The second poll by ‘SI’ uncovered some revealing information concerning another golfer who blames his caddie and yells at fans and officials with regularity.  Ian Poulter, along with Rickie Fowler were named the most overrated, or ‘over-hyped’ golfers on tour and for good reason.  Poulter hasn’t won since 2012 and his mouth seemingly does a lot more talking than does his game. Fowler, amidst all the hype, has just 1 career victory to his name. In his defense, he contended in every single major in 2014; finishing no worse than 5th in all 4 events.  Here are the results of the poll:

Rickie Fowler: 24%

Ian Poulter: 24%

Bubba Watson: 12%

Hunter Mahan: 8%

Other: 32%

Interesting to see Bubba with a solid 3rd place, taking home 12% of the votes.  After all, he has 7 career wins and has the ‘Major monkey’ off his back.  This is clearly a reflection of the previous poll.  Golfers on tour think he’s a prick.

Back to Fowler.  Puma Athletics, in my opinion, has a lot to do with Fowler’s rise to fame on the PGA Tour. His pastel-laden outfits have captured a fan-base never before found at PGA tour events.  The 12 to 20-something male finally has someone to identify with and after walking the WGC Harding Park event last week, I ran in to countless ‘Puma Gear’ wearing fans.  In some cases, the kids would have the entire outfit with shoes and all.

Rickie isn’t a bad player by any stretch, but after competing in the US Open as an amateur and making waves very early in his now lackluster career, its surprising to see he has just 1 tour victory to his name.  He’ll win more, but living up to the hype may never be a notch on his belt.

As for Poulter, he was doomed the day he said he was going to beat Tiger Woods in 2008.