Kansas Loses To A Terrible Kansas State Team, Then Bill Self Gets Smashed By Court Stormers

Updated: February 24, 2015

It could be time to pull the plug on court storming events every time a home team wins a game.  Lately, fans seem to rush the hardwood no matter the opponent, what the situation was; regardless of whether a true “upset” occurred or not. Granted, when a 12-13 K-State team rushes after an upset against a 20-5 Kansas squad, it’s arguably a court rushing affair.  But, again, too many times you see even teams, both unranked with one beating the other and the student section storming for no good reason at all.

So, last night Bill Selfs’ Jayhawks took the upset and the K-State fans delivered a stampeding rush that would make St. Bonaventure fans proud.  Self got smashed in the process as did the officials, players and old people on the hardwood.



The NCAA will have to look into some regulations tied to court storming.  At very least, can we qualify these things so that storming only happens when it should? Maybe save the rush for teams with something on the line and a chance to advance to the NCAA tourney?  Maybe have a cause instead of just blindly rushing when your team blows and you have no chance at even playing in the NIT? Just a thought.