In Defense of Disrespecting Blog Objectifiers – (Sam Ponder is Clueless)

Updated: July 30, 2014

The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, butchered the handling of the Ray Rice suspension – anyone with half a brain can see that. The fact that players who get caught smoking marijuana usually get, at the very minimum, twice the amount of games that “fiancée beating” Rice did is mind-blowing. What also blew my mind last night was the fact that when I looked on’s home page, I didn’t see anything about the suspension in its rundown of top stories. Rice’s 2 game suspension was nowhere to be found on one of the leading websites in all of sports, and at a time when there’s really nothing of substance going on in the world of sports. Of course it took about 2 seconds to realize that ESPN and the NFL are partners and generally look out for each other’s best interests. If ESPN and the other conglomerate sports websites were not going to call out the NFL for such a horrendous decision, then who in the sports world was going to come to the defense of this battered woman? I guess it would have to be the little guys, or as ESPN sideline reporter, Sam Ponder, calls us, “Blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women & objectify their bodies.”

Before we get into how moronic this tweet above is, let’s do a little history on the lady who used to be known as, Samantha Steele, before she married Minnesota Vikings backup quarterback, Christian Ponder. Steele attended Liberty University, the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world. Liberty was founded by none other than “Mr. Morality” himself, Jerry Falwell. Let’s take look a some of Falwell’s notable accomplishments.

  • He questioned the intentions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement.
  • He was in support of segregation and against the decision in Brown vs The Board of Education saying, “If Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God’s word and had desired to do the Lord’s will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never had been made. The facilities should be separate. When God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross that line.”
  • In his book, “Listen, America!”, Falwell referred to the Jewish people as “spiritually blind and desperately in need of their Messiah and Savior.”
  • Most people know about his support for censorship and dealings with Larry Flynt, and lawsuits against Penthouse and Hustler Magazines.
  • Truly a champion of diversity as he said of America’s education system, “I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won’t have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them.”
  • It’s no surprise that he’s also denounced homosexuals, called out Teletubbies for “being gay” and supported apartheid.

Steele apparently transferred to Liberty University (run by the world-class asshole mentioned above) because they offered her a sideline reporting gig for their football coverage (interesting to note that Liberty has a football team). So with the logic used in Ponder’s tweet above, we can basically surmise that she is against equal rights, supports segregation, thinks Jews need a savior, supports censorship, denounces homosexuality (obviously the theme of the week), and supports apartheid. This doesn’t sound crazy at all, does it Sam?

Obviously Sam Steele received a piss-poor, brain washing of an education at Liberty, so let’s see if we can’t give her a quick crash course and get her up to speed with the way the world works in 2014. There’s this thing called the internet, which pretty much runs everything on the face of the earth these days. Within the internet there are these places called websites or blogs, where people work (believe it or not) and try to make a living by being creative to entertain the masses. There is also this little thing called sex (we know they don’t have or acknowledge that at Liberty), which is too complex to explain to you Sam, but you may have come across it recently as we heard you just had a baby (nobody even knew she was pregnant, again must be that shame that Falwell’s spot embedded in her). There’s really only one thing you need to take away from this lesson Sam – on that thing called the internet, that other thing (the sex, shhhhhh), it sells.

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. Even though Ponder claimed she wasn’t referring to in later tweets, we all know she was. We at are fans of Barstool and other sites that feature sports and hot women on its pages. We see Barstool’s president David Portnoy as a pioneer in the sports blogging world and the content on Barstool is wildly entertaining. Ponder’s assertion that because Barstool, or Busch League Sports (or any other site) celebrates gorgeous girls, they cannot denounce the beating of women, is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on Twitter since, well…ever. Here are the tweets we are sure Ponder was referring to.

Portnoy was 100% on the money with both of these tweets, there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of them. We run a sports based website, but we’re not immune to featuring beautiful women on our site. In fact, we are habitual offenders as well Sam Ponder, and it’s just a coincidence that you were featured in our All-Time NFL Wives and Girlfriends Countdown to Kickoff on Wednesday (probably the only woman on the countdown who is afraid to be pictured in a swimsuit, the rest are damn proud of themselves, as they should be).

We have a lawyer, a retired professor – who was the department head at a major university, a writer with an english degree, and many more college graduates working on our team. We go to great lengths to break down sports in terms of social significance, gambling angles and interesting story lines – it doesn’t seem to matter, the posts that get the most page views (by a large margin) are all blogs celebrating beautiful women. These posts are required to stay in business and get traffic to the site – so that, just maybe, someone will look at some of our more thought out material. Barstoolsports, Busted Coverage, Busch League Sports and other sports blogs (including huge corporate sites like – “The Body Issue” and Sports Illustrated – Swimsuits) regularly feature beautiful women (who want to be featured – by the pictures they have taken and how they’ve proliferated those photos across the internet) because that’s what the audience wants. It’s no different from ESPN constantly hiring good-looking anchors and sideline reporters (like you Sam), so you may want to look at your bosses first and foremost, before you go pointing fingers and remember that we little guys (the objectifiers) don’t have Disney money backing us. Who is the bigger offender now?

Another blog tried to back Ponder’s ridiculous statement by exhibiting tweets from fans. This is almost as ridiculous as the original Ponder tweet, as AA should know that the Stoolies are an army that you don’t want to mess with. Of course they’re going to come out in force against Ponder. Referring to the comments sections on Barstool posts is also completely ridiculous, as nobody takes those seriously. It’s a running joke how crazy the commenters are, and can be, with regard to any subject that is on the site. Barstool does not control who visits the site and doesn’t censor the people who want to speak their minds, there’s nothing at all wrong with that. For Awful Announcing to stand with Ponder, while she’s attacking an industry (that AA works in) that she claims to know nothing about, makes zero sense to me.

Before today, I can’t say that I had much respect for Sam Ponder and her comments this morning proved to me that I was right in feeling that way. I always thought that she, along with Jerry Falwell – so as not to be sexist, were complete prudes. Look prude up in the dictionary and tell me they are not. Suppressing human sexuality and using religion as a crutch is just so outdated in 2014. It’s the same reason that I have little to no respect for Tony Dungy, after his comments this week and actions from the past. Violence against anyone (particularly women) is wrong and just because someone likes to celebrate the female form does not mean that they are “constantly disrespecting women & objectifying their bodies”. There are plenty of women in sports who are highly respected for their opinions, insights and giving great knowledge to the masses. To compare a ridiculous violent act by a criminal to people just trying to make a living being creative on the web is just plain wrong.

But if you want to play that game Sam, we can. What were you doing with this weekly video segment from a couple of years ago with this Cheeks Magee kid? This kid doesn’t look old enough to have been able to decide by herself if she wanted to appear every week on your Youtube. Hey, but she must have brought you a bunch of views right? Sure looks like a child labor violation to me! Seems ridiculous right? We thought so.