Hard Foul, Ensuing Brawl End Two Indiana High Schools Hoops Seasons

Updated: February 10, 2015

We heard about this royal rumble in Indiana on Saturday, but recent developments make it a noteworthy piece of news.  Hammond and Griffith High Schools in Indiana were part of a double forfeit for the brawl both teams participated in.  The Indiana High School Association (IHSAA) has cancelled the remainder of the boys’ basketball seasons.

The body check into the wall padding is one of the more vicious fouls ever seen in high school hoops.  Check it out:


The poor kid was just trying to throw down a filthy one-handed dunk when this other kid delivers a Ryan Clowe-esque check into the boards.  Pushing, shoving and bench clearing all ensued and the IHSAA swooped in for the instant season cancellation.  The coaches, who didn’t do anything wrong here are being forced to take courses on proper teaching and modeling behavior.