First Annual Mayor Ford Lifetime Achievement Award – Get Moody

Updated: May 16, 2014

The Honorable Mayor Robert Ford Award (aka The Ford Award, The Rob Ford Award)

The HMRFA (The Rob Ford Award) is awarded in recognition of exceptional service/performance/truth-seeking of the highest order in any field of human endeavor…whilst inebriated. In accordance with Busch League’s motto “Opinions Under the Influence,” the Ford Award is bestowed upon the individual who, despite the addle nature of constant intoxication, retains his ability to see through the bullshit, maintain his excellence, and keep his party form rocking solid. Named after the Mayor of Toronto, the Honorable Robert Ford, long may he crush late night chicken whilst delivering drunken rants on YouTube. Here’s to you, Mayor. Stay strong.
"Congrats Hank Moody!" -Mayor Ford

“Congrats Hank Moody!” -Mayor Ford

Mayor Robert Ford, the fast-food crushing, crack-toking, beer-guzzling truthsayer from our Happy Neighbor to the North is one larger-than-life persona.  And at BLS, we’ve dedicated a larger-than-life award to rare people of Mayor Ford’s ilk, folks who maintain their own strange sense of integrity and call out the bullshit, no matter how many straight whiskeys they have pounded, no matter how many hooters they have puffed.  No matter how many nitrous balloons they have huffed or ecstasy pills they have rolled with, their opinion is the real shit, the goods, the TRUTH.

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This isn’t to say an Honorable Mayor Robert Ford Award Winner (we call these motherfuckers MF’ers) always does or says the “Right Thing” or “What Is Expected” or “What You Want To Hear.”  Despite his or her lushed-out, soaky, boozy state, a MF’er who is true to the game keeps his or her shit real, no matter how fucked up it all gets.  And it does get fucked up, as you Busch Leaguers know.  Real fucked up.  To set our precedent high for all the potential MF’ers out there, as our inaugural inductee to the BLS Hall of Infamy, we have selected Henry James Moody of New York City as the first annual Honorable Mayor Robert Ford Award Lifetime Achievement Recipient. He may be just a character to you; he might just be part of your Sunday DVR schedule.  Not so for BLS and it’s minions.

He’s real.

That’s right.  Hank Moody is our MF’er, goddamnit.  Always up for a sling at the boozer or a swing in the sack, Hank may only be known for his whiskey-fueled sex romps through Los Angeles, careening down Sunset in a battered Porsche with ashes flying out of the back, but he is much more than that.  At times somber, reflective, vulnerable, and even sympathetic, Hank is a much more complex being than just a liquor-addled man-whore who is a slave to his appetites (although that shit is kind of cool too).  He is so much more- despite the scandal that he is constantly unwittingly embroiled in, the shitshow that follows him like Pig-Pen’s dust cloud, the womanizing, the mainlining Gentleman Jack and all the glorious weed- despite it all, Hank stays up. He keeps his shit together and calls it how he sees it.  No matter what BuschBabe is jocking him, no matter how hard his Porsche hit that mailbox, no matter how far off of that barstool he fell, no matter how big the shitface he’s thrown on is- Hank Moody’s NOT AFRAID.  He isn’t ashamed to express his opinion under the influence.  So here’s to you Hank Moody – here’s another reason to party.  You are a BLS MF’er for life.

Happy Endings.

Happy Endings.