Faith In Humanity Restored As Golden State Warriors Fans Boo The Shit Out of Floyd Mayweather

Updated: May 14, 2015

Not only did the Warriors deliver a smack-down of epic proportions last night in a 20 point win over the reeling Grizzlies, but Warrior Faithful fans boooo’d Floyd Mayweather to shreds.   What a perfect culmination of a must-win game Game 5 coupled with Mayweather having just ripped us all off for $100 bucks each, rendering one of the better collective boooos of an international superstar ever known to man. Oracle Arena is known as one of the more spirited fan bases in the NBA and full capacity partook in making sure the boxing con-man knew that no one was happy with the $300 million heist he and pay-per-view pulled off.

Hopefully this is the last time he shows his face in California because I know Pacquiao-Mayweather was the last time he’ll be showing his face on my TV screen.