ESPN Steals Tosh.0 Bit – Gets Murdered By Tosh’s Sports Science.0

Updated: November 13, 2014
Daniel Tosh Sports Science

Whelp, it looks like ESPN has finally stolen material from the wrong guy. Daniel Tosh was completely outraged that SportsCenter came up with a segment called, “Awesome Video Segment,” which is basically a carbon copy of the popular segment “Web Redemption”on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. The Sports network (which has long been known to not give credit to other outlets that break news before they do) even went as far as to steal the tag line, “are you ready to give it another shot?” To say that Daniel was angry would be the understatement of the year. “You Fucking Hacks are cheapening my brand,” leads off Tosh’s epic rant against the Mothership and he holds nothing back from there. Tosh goes as far as to parody the Sports Science segment on SportsCenter, by creating a segment called Sports Science.O to use as a vehicle to push ESPN‘s shit in. We haven’t seen an ass-kicking like this since Peter McNeeley got knocked out by that slice of Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Za. This is easily one of the funniest videos of the year and Tosh not only delivers the comedy, but also makes plenty of valid points about some of the BS that goes on in Bristol – like “jerking off the SEC” and “climbing all the way into the NFL’s asshole.” Hopefully after management at Disney gets humiliated by this, ESPN will stop biting stuff they didn’t create and start giving people credit when they beat the Mothership at its own game. Here’s one of the funniest bits you’ll see all year.   



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