COUNTDOWN: WAGs of the WORLD CUP – #16 – Sabine Jemeljanova

Updated: May 26, 2014
The stunning Sabine.

Welcome to the official Busch League Sports Countdown to World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Here, it’s not soccer, it’s not football, it’s not even futbol- it’s the ‘jogo bonito,’ the ‘beautiful game.’ In celebration of this summer’s tournament, and the beautiful footballing culture that permeates every aspect of Brazilian life, we are featuring a smorgasbord of stunning women who have been associated with the jogo bonito (and its players) over the years. The Countdown has officially started. 16 days until World Cup 2014. The host country and burgeoning Barcelona star Neymar will take on Croatia and Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric at the Arena de Sao Paulo (4pm EST) in 16 DAYS.

Not heard of John Carew? Carew is a tall, handsome Norwegian international who was capped for the Scandinavian side over 90 times, and netted 24 goals for his national team.  Carew also bounced all around Europe professionally, playing for sides like Lyon, Roma, Valencia, and logging over 100 appearances for Aston Villa in the Premier League.  At BLS though, we believe the biggest score he ever poached is Sabine Jemeljanova, his young, gorgeous sidekick.  Sabine clocks in at #16 on the BLS WAGs of the World Cup- here’s the pictures to prove it!

Sabine Jemeljanova


Pink and black, the perfect combination.


Slipping into something more comfortable…


Sabine is a curvy young lass.




A topless Sabine is more stunning.


Same theme, new pose.




Tousled and perfect.


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