Conor McGregor Flips Siver Off, TKO’s Him, Then Rushes The Crowd To Find Jose Aldo

Updated: January 19, 2015

After a full afternoon of football yesterday, Fox Sports 1 aired a UFC fight featuring Conor McGregor and Dennis Siver, with the winner going on to fight for the featherweight title. Before the fight, the ref brought in the fighters to shake hands just like before any other fight, and Siver snubbed McGregor’s hadnshake, leading to this:

Leading up to the fight, McGregor had been talking a lot of shit, saying not only that he would knock out Siver, but in what round a la Muhammad Ali. He didn’t exactly live up to that promise (he said he would win inside of 2 minutes), but was able to win by Technical Knockout in the second round.

Afterwards, McGregor jumped out of the octagon like a fucking psychopath and ran into the stands looking for his next opponent, Jose Aldo.

The guy definitely knows how to sell pay-per-views.