Chicago Blackhawks’ Fan Alexis Bovard Is Tough As Nails

Updated: March 6, 2015
Al Bov

Amazing video out of Chicago! During Friday night’s Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks game, one of the glass panes along the boards came dislodged after an Oiler player checked a member of the Blackhawks hard into it. The pane then tumbled into the crowd, drove a cameraman back a few feet and almost decapitated a young lady sitting a few rows back from the ice. Alexis Bovard, a Blackhawks’ fan attending her first ever hockey game at the United Center, looked to take a near fatal blow to the head in the footage below. Unbelievably, not only did she live to tell the story (after bleeding profusely from the head), but she simply put a bandage around her noggin and stuck around to watch her Blackhawks get a 2-1 shootout win over the Oilers, before going to the hospital to get stitches. Talk about a hockey fan…This girl is tougher than nails! Watch the video below and be shocked that this amazing woman not only wasn’t stretchered out of the stadium, but conducted interviews about the whole ordeal during the game. Hats off to Alexis Bovard – easily the toughest fan we’ve seen in 2015.