Brent Musberger Is A Total Degenerate And We Love Every Second Of It

Updated: March 3, 2015

Brent Musberger has been in the game so long, the broadcasting no-no of being ‘taboo’ just doesn’t apply to him.  He’s been broadcasting since 1973 and has been with the ESPN/ABC family of networks since 1990.  The quality of his work is just as good as it’s ever been and he continually receives important assignments from the network in college football and basketball.  Basically, he’s got the floor and can talk about whatever the hell he wants and for this, I love the guy.

If you’ve watched sports consistently for the last 30 years, you’ve probably noticed a peculiar trend amongst network broadcasters and the types of subjects they can and can’t talk about. Well, gambling has always been at the top of the “taboo list” because for some reason, power players at the top of the sports hierarchy continue to proliferate the idea that sports gambling is some disgusting, hush-hush topic. What they’ll never admit to the sports viewing public is that many sporting events’ viewership are composed heavily of sports gamblers.  This ideal only perpetuates because Las Vegas lobbies like hell to keep gambling illegal everywhere except Nevada.

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With all of this political maneuvering happening in the background, Brent Musberger simply doesn’t give a fuck.  He talks about spreads, shares what side he’s on and even when he doesn’t speak directly to the wager he’s laid, the intonations in his voice tell you all you need to know that ol’ Brent was betting again.  Last night, while announcing the Big12 matchup between Iowa State and Oklahoma, Brent wasn’t shy about letting the millions of viewers know that he was indeed on Oklahoma +6.

Oklahoma led 37-18 at half and Brent was already deciding where he was going to spend his winnings. Then the 2nd half hit and as they do so often in Ames, the Cyclones mounted a comeback of epic proportions on the coat-tails of a 19-0 run.

Video: With the score sitting at Iowa State 64 Oklahoma 58, a reviewable out-of-bounds play occurred.  With the call currently favoring Oklahoma, Fran Fraschilla says to Brent: “I know you don’t want that play to be reviewed, now do you.”  A chorus of laughter ensues.


The genius of Brent Musberger doesn’t stop there.  In addition to his tireless gambling references, he loves to pine over college aged fans in the stands of games he’s announcing.  You probably all remember the big to-do Brent made over AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb.  My god, Brent.  Calm down.


And then who could forget the famous “selfie” Brent so eloquently highlighted during an Iowa State, Kansas game last year.  Could Brent embody what it takes to be a dirty old man any better than this?


Hats off to you, Brent.  We love your gambling ways, your pseudo-dirty old man motif and endless cauldron of sports knowledge.  Keep up the good work, old pal!