BREAKING: Toronto Mayor Ford to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment

Updated: April 30, 2014

The AP Press announced today:  Mayor Robert Ford of Toronto will take an immediate leave of absence to seek help for a substance abuse problem. The leave is suspected to be part of recent claims that the Toronto Globe is in possession of a recent video capturing Ford smoking crack in his sister’s basement.

We at BLS aren’t sure whether to be pissed or elated about the news.  The fear is the good Mayor could be relegated from any future posts in the Canadian political landscape.  What might become of Robert Ford?  Will he go back to assistant coaching at the prep school level?

Ford has sadly found controversy every step of the way.  While being elected as the Mayor of Toronto is his largest accomplishment to date, Ford hasn’t handled the charge like your typical politician would.

Our collective elation comes into play because Ford pads his already decorated resume in the annals of cult heroism.  He’s been likened to Chris Farley.  He’s admitted to smoking crack and even spoke bluntly about a sex accusation stating, “I have plenty to eat at home.”   We suspect the Honorable Mayor is a “heart on your sleeve” type of guy that just isn’t good at covering his tracks.

Highlight reel:

The Toronto Globe reveals it has recent video of Ford smoking crack in his sister’s basement.

Just today the good Mayor released a job req for his office paying $30K

Mayor Ford supports Toronto sports, but was seen wiping his nose during his only camera time in the rafters.

And a great mash-up for the man of the hour:

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Mayor Ford.