Breakdown Of The Keegan Bradley vs. Miguel Angel Jimenez Dust Up

Updated: May 1, 2015

Nothing like a near fist fight on the golf course to get the sports’ world ready for Pacquiao vs Mayweather in Las Vegas tomorrow night. Keegan Bradley and “The Mechanic” a.k.a. “The Most Interesting Golfer In The World” Miguel Angel Jimenez nearly got it on at TPC Harding Park late Friday afternoon over a ruling in a meaningless match. Here’s a breakdown of the events as they unfolded.

It Started On The 13th Hole Over A Ruling On A Drop From The Road To The Right Of The Hole.

The Main Dust Up Went Down To The Left Of The 18th Fairway As Jimenez Was Questioning Bradley’s Drop From A Temporary Obstruction.

After The Match Finished On The 18th Green, Keegan And Jimenez Shook Hands And Had More Words. Keegan’s Caddy Steve “Pepsi” Hale Obviously Wanted A Piece Of The Mechanic.

Keegan Then Goes To His Car (Which Apparently Housed His Dog While He Was Playing?) Checked His Phone And Then Bolted From The Course.

Steve Sands From The Golf Channel Tried To Provide A Little Insight As To What Set These Guys Off (I’ll Explain What Really Happened Below).

The Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jimenez match today was meaningless. Both players were 0-2 coming into Friday and had no chance of advancing. Why then would they get into the most heated argument we’ve seen on the PGA Tour in a very, very long time? There are a few simple explanations here, one of which I know is true and one of which may or may not be true. What is absolutely true is Keegan Bradley is frustrated with the way he’s been playing. He hasn’t won since 2012 and outside of a few top-10s this season, he’s been pretty mediocre. He’s also now lost 8 straight singles matches in match play over the course of this event, The Ryder Cup and The Presidents Cup. The man who wears Air Jordan golf shoes and answers to #23 as one of his sponsors also just lost to a 51-year-old who is a regular on The Champions Tour – we get Keegan’s frustration. Jimenez was clearly within his right to observe a ruling, but the rules official clearly dropped the ball in this situation and didn’t take charge. In match play it makes sense that the opponent would be involved in the ruling. Nobody likes to be told to “shut up” and “The Mechanic” was clearly in the wrong when uttered that to Bradley’s caddy, though it seems Steve Hale has a pension for maybe also butting in where he’s not supposed to.


The players on the PGA Tour are notorious for gambling big money on practice rounds. It’s possible that Keegan and Jimenez had a rather large wager on this match, to make it a little more interesting, considering neither had anything else at stake today at TPC Harding Park. This may or may not be the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if frustration boiled over because Keegan was about to lose something a little more valuable than pride out on the course today. Again this is pure speculation. On a side note, it’s a good thing it wasn’t sunny today in San Francisco because Keegan Bradley’s dog might not have made it through the round kicking it in the car all day (does he really roll with the dog in the courtesy car?). Seriously though, these two need to relax, cool off and head off to their respective residences…or…head straight to Las Vegas (along with Jordan Spieth), lace up the gloves and fight on the under card tomorrow night at the MGM Grand.

Both Bradley And Jimenez Explained Their Sides Of The Story To The Golf Channel And Apparently It Got Even More Heated In The Locker Room.