Boxing Great, Mike Tyson Coins Rob Ford “Best Mayor in Toronto History”

Updated: September 10, 2014
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In an all too familiar scene, Mike Tyson and Rob Ford made news recently, meeting and relishing their respective paths to redemption.  Ford, Toronto’s  crack-smoking Mayor and Tyson, boxing’s former bad-boy and convicted rapist, convened for 40 minutes in Toronto’s City Hall.  Tyson emerged from the meeting with a full-throated defense of the good Mayor, suggesting (Ford) is “the best mayor in Toronto’s history.”  Of Tyson, Ford remarked, “We’re cut from the same cloth,”  “There’s no nonsense. I respect him.”

After just 40 minutes, we can see how such a strong bond could be forged between two of the more laughable figures in politics and entertainment.  But, the underlying impetus for the meeting and subsequent compliment orgy is the funny part.  You see, Tyson and his agent are on the road, touring for Tyson’s one-man show: “Undisputed Truth.”  Ford on the other hand, is in the midst of a Mayoral election.  Both men need good pub, so why not join forces in an effort to perpetuate this moron-athon?

Ford has taken criticism for recent campaign tactics, fielding accusations that he abuses his “celebrity status” when he should be working to make Toronto a better city.  While most major metropolitan city leaders jockey to be close to city council, transportation leaders and water board members; Mayor Ford has bellied up to the likes of comedian Dave Chappelle, Toronto rapper Snow, banned-for-life former sprinter Ben Johnson, and Trailer Park Boys actor Sam Tarasco. You might say the good Mayor has worn his  “second chances” campaign platform out a little, but if this is the approach – he’s got the right people in his camp.

Mike Tyson in The Hangover

Tyson and the Boys in Hangover

Over in Mike Tyson Land, his redemption story seemed to kick-start with cameos in The Hangover trilogy.  We all laughed as Iron-Mike tried to recover his stolen tiger from Alan Garner and the boys in Hangover I and were  slapping our knees a little harder when he performed “One Night In Bangkok” in The Hangover II.  Now, Tyson tours the country, delivering a one-man comedic/variety show that is supposed to be funny because hey, it’s Mike Tyson delivering lines in that high-pitch lisp we’ve all come to know and love. Why Tyson worked so hard to relinquish his former “Bad-Boy” motif remains to be the question.  Sadly, all that work might just be for not, as the real Tyson recently reared his ugly head and literally cussed out CP24 Toronto News anchor Nathan Downer on live Canadian Television. Here’s the clip:

“Rat Piece of Shit,” amongst other choice phrases are what Mike Tyson called Downer on live TV.  I don’t know about you, but if the ear-biting, woman raping, former boxing champion of the world was mad at me in a small studio; I might throw the teleprompter at him and run!

Tyson and Ford, Ford and Tyson, two peas in a pod.  Neither man able to hold it together long enough to convince us otherwise.  We’d like to see those two guys drive to New Jersey, pick up Chris Christie and form a boy band.  None of these guys are suited for much else.