Bobby Knight Shows More Life During A Telecast Than, Well, Ever

Updated: February 20, 2015
bobby knight

Bobby Knight retired with the most wins by a coach with 902 and currently sits third on the all-time winning list.  He boasts three NCAA Championships, eleven conference titles and an NIT tournament championship. Somehow, he knew the best way to motivate his troops and maximize talent on the court.  Recently, he’s punished us with these god-awful analyses as he serves as NCAA basketball color commentator for the ESPN family of networks.  His voice is dry, his act is tired and rarely does he deliver any useful takes that you couldn’t find from your drunken buddy sitting next to you on the couch.  In short, the guy can’t analyze for shit.

Last night during the SMU-Temple matchup, “The General” showed more life than I think any of us have every seen. With his mouth on the mic and the game playing out in front of him, his voice is captured (below) yelling at some unruly fans who were sitting just behind him.  Knight goes as far as offering his seat to one of the beheathens disrupting his telecast and continually drones on for 30 seconds, demanding that they sit down.

Take some of that energy and put it towards your commentating, Bob.  Because right now, fingers on a chalk board are more desirable.