All You Can Eat BLS Buffet (Week of September 14th)

Updated: September 21, 2014

Here’s all we put on your plate at the BLS Buffet this week. This is your last chance to make one last trip through the buffet line before we get to next week’s menu. Eat Up!


Monday, September 15th, 2014

BLS Top-50 All-Time NFL WAGs

WAG 11

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Another amazing Busch League Sports All-Time WAGs (wives and girlfriends) Countdown is in the books! We are as proud of our All-Time NFL WAGs Countdown as we are of our All-Time World Cup WAGs Countdown that we executed beautifully this Spring. Like the World Cup WAGs, we will re-rank the NFL WAGs at the end of the NFL regular season based on the Busch League Nation’s votes (hits on each individual WAG post) and since we are huge gamblers and fans of gaming here at BLS, we have decided to have a little contest among all of our loyal readers. Everyone has different taste, so now it’s your chance to tell us where you think we’ve gone wrong with regard to our rankings. All you have to do is list your top-10 ladies from the top-50, in the comments section of  THE BUSCH LEAGUE SPORTS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN (or at least who you think will get the most hits over the course of the season). It’s so easy and we’ll be giving out BLS Gameday T-Shirts to the top-10 highest scores and COLD HARD CASH (Visa Gift Cards) to the top-3 on the leaderboard at season’s end. The scoring system and rules are at the bottom of the post (link above) after the pictures and links to all of the lovely ladies on the countdown!

WAG 24

Be sure and check out all 50 gorgeous NFL WAGs


Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Playboy’s Party Schools

AA 16

The Cats make the list damn near every year.

Playboy Magazine is out with its annual Top-10 Party Schools list, so we searched the web to find the best video evidence of hard charging extra-curricular activity at each college to validate the rankings (props to BLS Favorite I’m Shmacked for putting out tons of great college party videos). The kids away at school sure know how to get after it these days as you’ll witness in the videos in the link below. Luckily, I spent a large portion of my 20s touring around America playing music, so I’ve actually experienced a number of these spots first hand. I’ll offer up my thoughts on each spot as we review this year’s best spots to get a degree in debauchery. To watch all the fun videos of coeds getting down go to – Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools (The Video Evidence).



Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Put a Cork in it Anheuser-Busch


Watered down BULLSHIT!

Via ESPN Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of the official beer of the NFL, issued a strong statement expressing its displeasure over how the league has responded to its players being connected to incidents of domestic violence and child abuse. “We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season,” a representative for Anheuser-Busch said in a statement. “We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.” Busch Leaguer Foxy isn’t buying the concern that Anheuser-Busch and McDonald’s are expressing. Have a look at his latest rant in – McDonalds and Anheuser-Busch Not Happy With the NFL? Really?.



Amazing 90210 House On The Market For $85 Million

Bh 1

Wait until you see the view this joint has.

Who is going to get their hands on this ultimate party pad in Beverly Hills? For a cool $85 million it can be yours! Business Insider reported that this 23,000-square-foot mansion, with the most spectacular 180 degree view from Malibu to downtown Los Angeles we’ve ever seen, has just gone on the market. The house boasts 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a basement garage that comes complete with a showroom inside an unbelievable bar/lounge. All the other amenities one would expect in an $85 million house are there; the gym, the infinity pool, the movie theater and an amazing glass wine cellar.

The ability to see the ocean and downtown (on clear non-smoggy days, do those exist?) and being perched over Rodeo drive and Hollywood to the East is the real draw of this spectacular spot, but the firm that remodeled this property has spared no expense on the interior of the house as well. The property last sold in August of 2012 for $12.65 million, according to Zillow, so we imagine the seller stands to make a small fortune if this thing goes anywhere close to the asking price (the price includes all the bells and whistles – fully-furnished). This house will most likely be swooped up by some silver spoon Playboy from overseas, but with the contract the Dodgers dropped on Clayton Kershaw, he could buy 4 of these. We fully expect this place to be featured on this season’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Maybe Josh Flagg will bitch slap Josh Altman in the backyard again, but for now, have a look at this unbelievable spot in America’s most famous zip code. This Beverly Hills Pad Might Be America’s Sickest House



McCarron Wedding Photos

If anyone cares about a 3rd string quarterback and a former beauty queen’s wedding photos, here they are. Katherine Webb waited 2 months to release a couple to the public. Seems like she should have taken advantage of the pre football period to get more run out of these, now it seems like nobody cares. Have a look at how it went down for the McCarron’s on their wedding day…Or follow the link for Katherine Webb’s all-time hottest pictures, as she showed up on our NFL WAGs countdown (recommended).  All-Time NFL WAGs – Countdown to Kickoff: #29 Katherine Webb

AJ 1

The new couple looking off into obscurity.

AJ 2

Enjoy Cincinnati Mrs. McCarron.


Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Olbermann Nails the NFL Disaster


This dude is really calling the shots at the NFL.

As usual, Keith Olbermann delivered a rant of epic proportions to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday, for their ridiculous flip-flopping on the Adrian Peterson child abuse situation, and perfectly explained that THE SPONSORS are the only thing that the NFL and NFL franchises are truly concerned about with regard to the recent player crimes and scandals. The opening monologue that Keith and his producers at “Olbermann” put together yesterday on this disaster could not have been more on the money…or awesome – watch it here – “Here’s Your Real Commissioner of the NFL” – Keith Olbermann



Lexi Thompson Looks Great in a Bikini


Lexi’s new bikini photos are amazing!

We hold a special place in our hearts for golfer Lexi Thompson here at Busch League Sports. It just so happened that Lexi was the subject of our 1st ever post here at, after she captured her 1st Major title this April at the Kraft Nabisco Championship, on the same day that we went live. Celebrations were definitely in order on that Sunday, so we celebrated with Lexi (and Red Bull) as she jumped into Poppy’s Pond after the victory – Lexi Thompson and Red Bull Win 1st Golf Major.

Lexi is not only a great golfer, but she is also pretty easy on the eyes, and sponsors have taken notice. She holds lucrative deals with the aforementioned Red Bull, Puma, and Cobra Golf. Thompson is not afraid to use her good looks for commercial purposes as we recently saw in her hot tub appearance in one of her latest Puma ads. We’re big fans of women’s golf here at BLS and we love a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. With that said, we were stoked to see the photos that Lexi took to go alongside an interview she did with Golf Punk Magazine. Lexi looks amazing in a bunch of bikini shots and a few evening wear photos. We were Lexi Thompson fans before this photo shoot, but now Lexi has inspired our fandom to new heights. Enjoy Lexi’s latest shots in “SEXY” Lexi Thompson – Golfing Goddess



Bastian Back With Brandner 


These two are back together.

It seems as if Bastian Schweinsteiger has come to his senses and reconciled with the world’s most popular WAG Sarah Brandner. Apparently his little fling with Serbian tennis-playing #BuschBabe Ana Ivanovic is now over. Here is our latest update on the situation – Schweinsteiger Reconciles with Sarah Brandner – Ana Ivanovic Out

While there is no denying that Ana Ivanovic is a total hottie, she’s not quite in Sarah Brandner’s league in our opinion. This is the right move for Bastian as he had been with Brandner for 7 years prior to their little break this summer. Here’s our initial report of the break-up and the fling with Ivanovic that we put out last week. Be sure and click the links to get a better look at Bastian’s beauty Brandner in – Bastian Schweinsteiger Leaves Sarah Brandner For Ana Ivanovic.



Friday, September 19th, 2014

A Swedish Beauty To Take You To The Weekend

Anna 2

Reppin’ Jack

You’ve worked hard this week, it’s only right that you should be rewarded for your efforts. Go ahead and follow this fitness fanatic from Sweden. Anna Nystrom gets after it in the gym and she’s absolutely gorgeous. You may already be following Anna, because she boasts over 750,000 fans on Instagram. Her booty may even inspire you to get yourself to the gym this weekend, but for now enjoy the results from all of Anna’s hard work here – You Work Hard…Reward Yourself…Follow ANNA NYSTROM




West Va

Somehow West Virginia found its way into multiple podcast segments.

The new Busch League Sports is here to get you ready for the weekend. 

FOX, and R-O, discuss:

  • NFL Scandals
  • Adrian Peterson Child Abuse
  • NFL Sponsors’ Fake Concern
  • #BLSPicks NFL and College Football Plays & Records
  • NFL Week 3 Leans
  • Foxy’s NFL Run & R-O’s College Run
  • Dick Sherman’s Antics
  • Playboy’s Top Party Schools

The Busch Leaguers were pleased to welcome back Dan Vasta, noted stats guru for, to get everyone ready for week 4 of the College Football season. The guys went over:

  • “Bones” New Segment R.I.B.S on Campus Insiders
  • Review of Georgia @ South Carolina
  • Auburn @ Kansas State Preview 
  • Clemson @ Florida State Preview
  • North Carolina @ East Carolina Preview
  • Florida @ Alabama Preview
  • Oklahoma @ West Virginia Upset Special

BLS also offered beer-soaked insights on topics like; Mr. Hard Handshake Guy, Budweiser golf claps, watered-down beer, Holgorsen game management, hottie 4-some parlays, Mr.Take Your Ball and Go Home Guy, KIV’s trip to Manhattan, endless Lockett’s at Kansas State, SEC academics, Vodka Samm earning a spot on the party list for the Hawkeyes by herself and California’s REAL best party school. You won’t find this kind of expertise anywhere else. Give us a little feedback on twitter @BuschSports or Facebook Busch League Sports.


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