All You Can Eat BLS Buffet (Week of December 7th)

Updated: December 14, 2014

Here’s all we put on your plate at the BLS Buffet this week. This is your last chance to make one last trip through the buffet line before we get to next week’s menu. Eat Up!


Monday, December 8th, 2014

Big John Daly Engaged to Caddie and Wins the Beko

jd and anna

The lucky lady!!!

‘Long’ John Daly and his caddie have engaged to marry.  This isn’t an expose’ on a professional athlete revealing an alternate lifestyle in the way you sexists out there are thinking.  John’s caddie is a female and she’s been on his bag (golf bag) for more than 5 years.  John will attempt the sanctity of  marriage for an impressive 5th time which is no small task considering some of the beauts he’s already made vows with.

Given the sheer volume of wives Daly has shot through in his relatively short lifetime, the bigger news today is the win he grabbed over the weekend. Daly corralled his first professional victory in 10 years at the Beko Classic.  Here’s the storybook finish:

Thursday:  ‘Big John’ announces engagement to Anna Cladakis

Friday: Daly fires a second round, 9-under 63 to be a contender on the weekend

Saturday: Daly holds on to the win by a single shot after a 72 in Saturday’s finale.

daly beko

Daly Hoists the Check in Turkey

JD would wing on home with his first professional victory in a decade, albeit in a 3rd rate Turkish Bath House, PGA Europe event.  Daly’s last win was at the 2004 Buick Invitational on the PGA Tour.  With the win in hand and his caddie locked in for the foreseeable future, perhaps John is making a push to overtake Phil and Amy as the coveted first couple in golf.  We doubt it, but if Mayor Ford and his wife are the first couple of Toronto, anything is possible.



Massive Die-In Welcomes Will & Kate To Watch LeBron

CLeve 5

This is more entertaining than Nets hoops.

A massive die-in, dubbed #RoyalShutdown on social media, in protest of the grand jury that refused to indict white police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold that killed African-American father-of-six Eric Garner, welcomed Will & Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to the Barclays Center tonight prior to the Cavaliers Nets game.

Clev 3

“Nice to meet you Commissioner, Now where’s LeBron?”

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving staged their own protest on the floor in the pregame warm-ups by wearing “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts. Deron Williams and Kevin Garnett were also wearing the same shirts on the Nets side of the court. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver didn’t seem to have a huge problem with the players violating the league’s on-court attire rules, “I respect Derrick Rose and all of our players for voicing their personal views on important issues, but my preference would be for players to abide by our on-court attire rules,” Silver said (referring to Rose wearing a similar shirt Saturday night). Silver was on-hand to welcome the Royals to the game.

Clev 2

Props to LeBron for getting behind the cause.

Clev 1

Kyrie isn’t afraid either.



Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

The Professor On Changing The Culture Of Football


Concussions are often overlooked at lower levels of football.

In previous posts I wrote about lawsuits filed by pro and college football players against their leagues and associations for brain injuries incurred as a result of head collisions. The reach has now been extended to the high school level.   A former high school quarterback is suing the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) for not doing enough to protect players from concussions. This is the first case where legal action has been taken for former high school players as a whole against a group responsible for prep sports in a state. As injuries and lawsuits mount, perhaps football associations and leagues will finally get serious about changing the one thing likely to make the game safer: the way tackles are made. Read On



Nike Unveils College Football Playoff Semifinals Uniforms

Unis 1

Nike dominating the College Football market.

Nike released the uniforms that Oregon and Florida State will be wearing in the Rose Bowl and Alabama and Ohio State will be donning in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. As usual, Alabama, Ohio State and Florida State are going with a pretty traditional look, while the Oregon Ducks will be sporting an all green combination that lives up to their “different uniform every single game” reputation. We can’t help but wonder if Nike Chairman Phil Knight picked out the green for his beloved Ducks to help them blend into the perfect green grass at the Rose Bowl. It seems like a similar situation to Boise State wearing all blue at home on the blue turf. It sure has been an epic season for Nike as the company has contracts with 19 of the teams in the final College Football Playoff top-25, including all 6 teams in consideration for the National Semifinals (Adidas has 4 teams in the final top-25, while Under Armour has 2). It was also interesting that Nike made each pair of cleats out of 5 recycled plastic bottles. Here are the uniforms, with accessories below.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Rob Ford’s All NCAA Coaches Drinking Team!

mayor ford slider

Thanks for the tips Mayor Ford.

There are many sun-soaked head coaches in NCAA Division 1 sports because let’s be honest, the profession requires many hours outdoors.  Then there are coaches who have cultivated a perma-redface that permeates even in the dead of winter.  While we have little evidence to these forthcoming claims, we’ll go out on a limb to make a case that each one of these gentlemen spend a good amount of time sucking back grandpa’s old cough medicine.  To ensure that we included the best, most qualified drinking coaches, we consulted with Mayor Ford to help build out our list.

Mayor Ford is a fan of sport, good fun and most importantly, a few scotches to cap a hard day’s work.  Who better to help identify some famous coaching personalities whose red faces almost guarantee that they too, love a good scotch? Check out this hilarious list!



Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Massive NorCal Storm Brings Surfing On Lake Tahoe 

Lake tahoe

That’s not an ocean.

A massive storm that has pummeled the Bay Area, Sacramento and Sierra Nevadas for a good 24 hours straight now, brought waves to the Lake Tahoe shores big enough to surf on today. People were reporting waves as high as 7 feet on the frigid lake.

I am currently in Sacramento about 60 miles from the lake and it has not stopped raining for a second here today. I’ve experienced waves close to this size on Tahoe before, but it was during a freak storm in the summer about 5 years ago (when the water was a little bit warmer).

I actually piloted a boat home (with a couple of fellow Busch Leaguers) from the Chambers bar (after a few too many punches) and apparently didn’t leave early enough to beat the storm back to the Tahoe Park Bouy field (we didn’t think the heavy stuff was going to come down for quite a while).


The Chambers bar – easy to lose track of time and storm clouds.

We were able to negotiate our way through the high seas (thanks mainly to everything Captain Sig taught us on Deadliest Catch over the years) back to Sunnyside on the West Shore and when we arrived, we saw a number of boats that had overturned on the beach because of the storm. There were a number of mesmerized onlookers at the Sunnyside deck bar wondering how we were going to get through the maze of boats in the bouy field to secure our boat to our bouy, while also dealing with the small squall. Needless to say, we got a standing ovation when we somehow succeeded in our mission. There are no boats out on the lake in December obviously, but these surfers did all of NorCal proud today.



Friday, December 12th, 2014

ESPN Gambling Expert Hands Out Teasers

cousin sal

Disney gives in to gambling after bad mouthing us all those years.

It’s nice to see that even the ‘Mothership’ has joined the party when it comes to recognizing that sports gambling is the biggest draw to college and professional sports alike.  They’ve now gone as far as to represent an “NFL Gambling Expert,” whose job is to give Sportscenter watchers 3 NFL picks against the spread on a weekly basis. The man in question is Sal Iacono who has otherwise made a name for himself as a writer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and as “Cousin Sal” on Bill Simmons‘ podcasts.

“Cousin Sal” is apparently 13-2 against the spread over the last 5 weeks of NFL ‘picking.’ This is no easy feat and even novice gamblers can get hot for a stretch.  Bill Simmons’ podcast is somewhat palatable as they at very least provide factual sports commentary and “Cousin Sal” seems to know his NFL teams.  When I saw Sal’s picks for Week 15, I was taken a little aback at the fact that the spreads he cited were so far from reality, I thought this was a Disney production in true ESPN form.


Sal’s Week 15 Picks:

Bills +6 (Straight)

Texans +7 (Straight)

Ravens -8  / Patriots -1.5 (Teasers)

First of all, Bills +6 was never an option this week as the line released at +4 and hasn’t moved. Is this guy citing ridiculously heavy juiced lines where he’s paying around -300 juice for such healthy spreads?  I investigated a little further and found that this “Expert” hands out teasers and the Ravens -8 and Pats -1.5 is a 6 point, 2-team teaser.  Anyone with any credibility in the gambling world knows that teasers are for chumps. The only way to consistently win money over the long haul is via straight bets.

I then listened to the Podcast where Bill and Sal suggested that the Rams would roll the Cards last night – which was hardly the case.    All said in done, I thought it refreshing that ESPN has an NFL picks expert to join Phil Steele in effort to provide sound betting advice, but was ultimately disappointed to see false lines and teasers being handed out. In the end, ESPN is beholden to its stock holders who in my estimation have to be largely composed of Vegas investors.  My theory is that they would hand out just enough winners to keep people tuning into their picks segment, but ultimately screw the masses with bullshit teaser plays, parlays and other ways of separating the average joe from his cash.



Miesha Tate Says “Ronda Rousey Stinks”

(Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News)

Is Tate serious? Maybe just jealous.

Some dude from TMZ sports asked the question that’s been burning on the minds of UFC fans everywhere.  “Do female UFC fighters have body odor issues?” That’s was the question asked of Miesha Tate.  She obliged, albeit a little apprehensive and remarked that Ronda Rousey indeed sports a distinctly bad-smelling odor both inside the ring and out.  Honestly, UFC fighting women aren’t the most attractive commodities to non-steroid using types like myself and news of stank-ass body odor makes me want to hurl.

Funny though, that when fighters are exchanging knock out blows, bleeding everywhere and breaking bones that olfactory senses would even come into play.  Tate believes that stinky armpit smothering the nose of an opponent can be a crushing blow, although she clearly believes in personal hygiene and refuses to employ such crass tactics.

At the end of the day, Rousey owns Tate, beating her both times they’ve squared off in UFC competition.  Miesha is probably gearing up for her Playboy shoot because with Rousey in the game, she’ll never be #1.  Might as well spread em’ for a quick pay-day, Miesha.



Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Power 5 Conferences Offer “Full Cost of Attendance” Scholarships

Power 5

It’s about time the kids get a little real meal money.

Feeling much heat for its policy of limiting athletic scholarships to the basics, such as tuition and room-and-board, on a year-to-year basis, the NCAA appears to have fully relented in allowing Big Five power schools to cover the “full cost of attendance” throughout an athlete’s college career. Under growing pressure from athletes, Congress and a critical media, NCAA President Mark Emmert first indicated in a Senate Commerce Committee hearing last summer his willingness to consider raising scholarship amounts and ending the standard year-to-year stipend. Now power conference schools have a green light to go forward with their long-held desire to offer more attractive scholarships.

The Big 12 announced on December 1 that beginning in August 2015 it will guarantee multiyear scholarships and, pending NCAA authorization, give athletes the full cost of attending, an amount typically several thousand dollars higher than current scholarships. In doing so the Big 12 joins the Big Ten and Pacific-12 in guaranteeing full-cost scholarships for athletes’ throughout their eligibility. The Southeastern Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference are expected to soon follow suit. (They will have to if they want to stay competitive.)


Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, Announces Full Cost Scholarships

As I stated in a previous post (The NCAA Under Siege), I have mixed feelings about this development. Providing fairer compensation for college athletes is certainly a good thing, given that many struggle to make ends meet during their college years, but I worry about the broader implications. Freed of scholarship limits, what’s to prevent bidding wars for high school talent resulting in the rich getting richer? What about schools that can’t afford financing the full cost of attendance?

Since the full cost of attendance can be variously defined, it’s likely wealthier schools will be able to offer a higher amount than less wealthy universities can afford. Middle tier schools striving to be competitive in the Power Five arena, like Boise State, Louisville and San Diego State, will be particularly hard-pressed to keep up.

The least wealthy schools will find meeting higher scholarship demands especially difficult. Already the University of Alabama Birmingham dropped its football program, citing rising costs of college athletics, including pressure to pay the full cost of attendance for athletes.

New NCAA scholarship rules could lead to the formation of a new tier of big power schools atop the current NCAA structure. From their lofty perch, they could set their own rules, further enhancing their competitive advantages. This is not a happy prospect for most fans across America.

Such is as it is in corporate America: the rich get richer, ultimately reaching the rarified air of plutocracy. Is this the future of the increasingly corporatized world of college sports? I don’t know. What I do know is that plutocracies are not competition-friendly. I wonder if sports fans will accept such a state of affairs in intercollegiate sports.   We may just find out.




From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at a couple of in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Basketball Association and National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 campaign. Enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NBA and NHL players throughout another season on the hardwood. Click the link to see more of this week’s lovely ladies!

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TA 9

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