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Updated: May 23, 2014


If you notice that BUSCH LEAGUE SPORTS is a little quieter this holiday weekend this is why:
2/3 of the crew will be attending year 2 of Adult Summer Camp at Lake Nacimiento! (Did you know until you do something 3 times it can’t be referred to as an annual event? For instance, 2nd annual Adult Summer Camp is wrong. Useless knowledge!)


Adult Summer Camp is something EVERY HUMAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH should experience. I’m not kidding. We have 20 plus 30 somethings in a one room cabin who participate in “athletic” competitions (who could forget Annie’s perfect 4 for 4 corn-hole round in 2013? As evidenced below), hours of boating and floating on the water, crafting, and drunken dance parties. We prepare and eat incredible meals together and make cheap and dirty wine in to the best damn spritzers you have ever tasted. But more than anything, we spend quality time with our peers.

In this day in age, we are so often glued to our electronics that I wonder if at times we miss out on “life”. Let me admit, I am one of the worst. I work in Live TV which means I feel the need to be available and connected at all times. We have 3 TVs in our living room and I LOVE it.

Now full disclosure, by no means can we at BLS get through an entire weekend without checking scores (and the degenerates placing their bets) so we do have hot-spots and an iPad or two streaming the most important games. But they are in the background and most of the time not even noticed.

This is a weekend where listening to “Bubble Butt” on repeat, twerking (and then face-planting) on the deck railing, and conga lines showing off the most fantastic dance moves are not only applauded, but encouraged. This is a place where dance parties while treading water turn into a competition…

(This attempt at synchronized swimming, combined with his epic performance the last night and passing out in his Kurt head piece, won my degenerate”Camper of the Week” last year. I AM SO PROUD!).

KURT (Busch)!!!!!

KURT (Busch)!!!!!

And crafting, who doesn’t LOVE crafting? I don’t know about you, but I miss this simple creative outlet. Last year we made head pieces. I never took mine off and neither did “Kurt” (I woke up with purple and red stains on my forehead from the gorgeous feathers.) I can hardly wait to see what my DIY genius, little cousin has in store for us this year!

Back to the 20 people in a one room cabin…
The one bedroom houses everyone’s bags and the bedding we all use at night.  When it’s bedtime we throw down cushions, blankets/sleeping bags/sheets on the big wrap around porch and have an epic slumber party. The key is to fall asleep before the heavy breathing boys, or bring ear plugs.  I’m not sure there is anything better than falling asleep to the giggles (yes giggles) of my degenerate husband and his best friend who happens to be my cousin. They finish each other’s sentences while telling stories from childhood or get into arguments over who hit more home runs in batting practice in high school.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and get on the road. Here’s a look at what we are all in for over the next 3 days (A video review of the 2013 Debauchery), Enjoy!


I’m sure a review of the weekend will be up early next week so be sure and check back!

Here’s to Camp tank-tops, wine spritzers, drinks with ice and incredible friends!!!

Adult Camp Photo 2013

Adult Camp Photo 2013

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em,