2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – The Pre-Game Photos

Updated: December 2, 2014

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are just about ready to break out those weird creepy wings and get it on across the pond in London at their 2014 Fashion show. The show is not actually airing until next Tuesday night on CBS (of course they need a week for editing), but a lot of material from the rehearsal has already found its way onto the web even though producers tried to enforce a strict no photography rule. I mean seriously, in this day and age any event like this that isn’t broadcast live pretty much sucks. We probably won’t even need to tune it to the show next Tuesday because we will have seen it all on the web over the next week. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift (again), Ed Sheeran and Hozier are scheduled to perform, and I’m expecting a lot of Trap music (which was real hot in 2013) in between performances as I predicted after last year’s show (VS is always a year or two behind on the tunes).

We tend to think a lot of the angels are overrated and could use a few more cheeseburgers, but we had a look on Instagram this morning to bring the BLS nation the pregame antics of these ladies. We’re sure you can find all sorts of live blogs today from people acting like this is the Super Bowl, so be on the lookout if you’re into chicks parading around in over the top expensive lingerie that nobody else will ever wear. Here are the pre-show photos.