2014-2015 NHL WAGs of the WEEK – Maripier Morin

Updated: November 19, 2014
MM 10

From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at the 1st Busch League Sports in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 season. The National Hockey League arguably has the hottest WAGs of any league on the planet. Please enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NHL players throughout the season.



(Girlfriend of the Montreal Canadiens Brandon Prust)

Maripier Morin is a French Canadian model who has appeared on a number of Canadian entertainment shows and was one of the models on the Canadian version of Deal or No Deal. She also holds the most preferred occupation of WAGs worldwide…a television presenter. Morin has been dating the Canadiens’ Brandon Prust for a little over 4 years now. Take a look at some of our favorite Maripier Morin shots below.


MM 2

Sign these two up for the best looking couple in Canada contest.

MM 5

You’ll notice a theme of changing hairstyles with Morin.

MM 6

Back in the Deal or No Deal days.

MM 3

From dark brunette to blonde bombshell.

MM 7

Bangs Biscuit! Maripier isn’t afraid to try a new look.

MM 9

This Canuck can rock a bikini with the best of them.

MM 4

Those amazing green eyes never change. 

MM 1

Congrats to Brandon on a job well done.



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