2014-2015 NHL WAGs of the WEEK – Lauren Cosgrove

Updated: February 8, 2015
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From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at the 1st Busch League Sports in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 season. The National Hockey League arguably has the hottest WAGs of any league on the planet. Please enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NHL players throughout the season.



(Fiancée of the St. Louis Blues T.J. Oshie)

No American sports fan will soon forget T.J. Oshie’s epic one-man show in the 2014 Winter Olympics when he singlehandedly took down the Russians in the 8th round of a marathon shootout in the preliminary round. In a matter of 6 shots T.J. Oshie became a household name and his gorgeous fiancée Lauren Cosgrove became an instant internet sensation. Cosgrove and Oshie met in college and have been engaged since early 2014. The couple also had a their first child, a baby girl in the Spring of 2014. It’s been one hell of a last 12 months for this NHL glamour couple. Let’s look closer at the gorgeous Lauren Cosgrove.


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Here’s America’s favorite hockey pair.

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A blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty.

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Cosgrove and Oshie love to dress up in costumes.

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Lauren is already back into bikini shape – looking amazing.

LC 8

Lauren didn’t go to Russia for the Olympics – she was 8 months pregnant.

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She sure can soak up some sunshine.

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Executing a great hair day.

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These two have a costume for every occasion.



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