2014-2015 NHL WAGs of the WEEK – Julianne Hough

Updated: November 6, 2014
JH 11

From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at the 1st Busch League Sports in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 season. The National Hockey League arguably has the hottest WAGs of any league on the planet. Please enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NHL players throughout the season.



(Girlfriend of the Washington Capitals Brooks Laich)

Here you go Dancing With The Stars fans! The gorgeous Julianne Hough recently joined the ranks of the NHL WAGs when she ditched that short guy who hosts American Idol for a big strong hockey player. Hough is now a judge on the popular DWTS on ABC, but in real life she’s a triple threat: A dancer, a singer and an actress. She’s not too bad at taking pictures either as you can see below. She and the Washington Capitals center began dating late last year and are still going strong. Enjoy another look at Miss Julianne Hough!

JH 12

Julianna recently chopped off a lot of her hair.

JH 9

Blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty.

JH 6

It’s not hard for this professional dancer to stay in shape.

JH 2

Miss Hough – all business.

JH 5

She loves to play too!

JH 8

Needless to say she fits right in the Southern California scene.

JH 10

After many years of dancing, Juliane has graduated to judge on DWTS.

JULIANNE HOUGH on the Set of Safe Haven

We’re loving this tank top girl!

JH 3

It doesn’t get much fitter.

JH 1

God Bless America!

JH 4

Another flawless execution of a BLS beach day!

Semi-Exclusive... Julianne Hough Shops At Whole Foods With Her New Man

Laich in…Seacrest OUT!



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