2014-2015 NHL WAGs of the WEEK – Ivana Surovcova

Updated: March 28, 2015
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From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at the 1st Busch League Sports in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 season. The National Hockey League arguably has the hottest WAGs of any league on the planet. Please enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NHL players throughout the season.



(Girlfriend of the Los Angeles Kings Marián Gáborík)

Ivana Surovcova is one of the hottest women in the entire world. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she’s also a supremely talented dancer and super athletic. It makes sense that she would fall in love with an athlete as she and the Los Angeles Kings Marián Gáborík have been dating since July  of 2011. Both hail from Slovakia, where Ivana is a star on the show “Let’s Dance” which is similar to Dancing With The Stars here in the America. When she’s not busting a move on the dance floor, Ivana can be found strolling the beaches and golf courses of Southern California and hanging out with other Kings WAGs like Erin Andrews. Take a look at how beautiful this hockey hottie is.


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Slovakia’s power couple. Marián won his first Stanley Cup in 2014.

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Ivana also does a lot of modeling when she’s not dancing.

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Reebok is smart to pay this fit girl money to endorse its gear.

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Surovcova also endorses Kate’s Bags in Slovakia.

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This girl loves a BLS Beach Day!

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The form could not be any better – that’s sexy!

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Lucky Dog!

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Lucky Marián!




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