2014-2015 NHL WAGs of the WEEK – Carolina Montes

Updated: March 18, 2015
CM 6

From the WAGs of the WORLD CUP COUNTDOWN to the BLS ALL-TIME NFL WAGs COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, we’ve now arrived at the 1st Busch League Sports in-season WAGs series as we highlight a gorgeous National Hockey League wife or girlfriend every week of the 2014-2015 season. The National Hockey League arguably has the hottest WAGs of any league on the planet. Please enjoy learning more about the lovely ladies of NHL players throughout the season.



(Girlfriend of the Montreal Canadiens Andrei Markov)

Like her boyfriend, Carolina Montes is no stranger to power plays. Last year it was reported that Carolina was actually trying to become Andrei’s agent to represent him in contract negotiations. That has yet to come to fruition, but Miss Montes is a successful real estate agent in Montreal and could probably do a decent job going to bat for Markov, who is widely regarded as the best defenseman from Russia in the National Hockey League. Carolina Montes means business, but she is also very easy on the eyes as you’ll see in our tribute to her below.


CM 14

Montreal’s power couple.

CM 2

Just your basic selfie for this hockey hottie.

CM 11

Carolina loves herself some sunshine.

CM 12

Andrei owns this girl’s heart.

CM 1

Chilling on the bow, looking amazing.

CM 5

Fancy Habs fan ringing in the holidays.

CM 3

Lounging in paradise.

CM 7

All dressed up and ready to rock Montreal.

CM 8

When you live in Montreal you have to get away to the Tropics often.

CM 4

See what I mean.

CM 9

We are not complaining about the endless bikini shots.

CM 13

Not a bad-looking couple at all.


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