All You Can Eat BLS Buffet (Week of October 5th)

Updated: October 12, 2014
ABC's "Happy Endings" - Season Three

Here’s all we put on your plate at the BLS Buffet this week. This is your last chance to make one last trip through the buffet line before we get to next week’s menu. Eat Up!


Monday, October 6th, 2014

Pound Sand Cara Delevingne

CK 5

This chick is out of her mind.

Who’s Cara Delevingne? Yeah, ok…We know who she is…that completely overrated model that was kissing Selena Gomez on a yacht in the Mediterranean this summer. She’s also slightly famous for saying she prefers the company of women because, “Guys just want to have sex with you.” It looked like Cara “just wanted to have sex” with Selena in the shower on the boat in July. The British tabloids have become enamored with Delevingne over the past couple years, but we’ve just about had it with this skinny chick. We let her slide when she made those ridiculous generalizing remarks about guys, but now this uppity Brit has gone after an American Treasure and we’re not going to tolerate it. So from the bottom of our hearts here at Busch League Sports, FUCK YOU CARA DELEVINGNE – nobody calls Kate Upton “trashy”. Read why Cara is not worthy of the attention she receives and check out some photos comparing her to the Victoria’s Secret Angels in – Cara Delevingne Calls Kate Upton “Trashy” – Gag Yourself With Your Silver Spoon Cara.



Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

More Bad Press for All Day

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

It goes from bad to worse for Peterson.

Just when it seemed that things could not get any worse for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune released a report yesterday that has done further damage to the once thought squeaky clean star’s image and reputation. The report details a rape allegation after a an orgy in a hotel room, which was paid for with a credit card from Peterson’s charity. Peterson apparently brought his brother (who was a minor at the time) to this meeting with 4 women. The report also details various inconsistencies in the accounting of Peterson’s charitable donations over the years. Read some excerpts from the Star-Tribune report in – Adrian Peterson’s Downward Spiral Continues.



The Professor Gets To The Bottom of U.S. Ryder Cup Failure

ryder cup patrick reed

Get it together America!

Well, another European Ryder cup blowout. This has become all too familiar. The U.S. has now won only twice since 1993.  It’s remarkable how consistent the patterns are for the American team: our players can’t make big putts, close out rounds, demonstrate mental toughness, or appear as unified as the Europeans. Our recent teams seem to lack the fire in the belly intensity characteristic of the European squads. So the losses mount. Many reasons will be given for our recent pounding, but when you get right down to it the main reason is unmistakable: our players are simply not as good as those across the pound. Read the professor’s diagnosis – RYDER CUP FOLLIES: WHY CAN’T WE WIN ANYMORE?



Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Phyllis Wants a Piece of Colin “Cowturd” 


Phyllis never disappoints!

The notorious Phyllis from Mulga, Alabama has gotten loose again on the Paul Finebaum show, this time going after Colin “Cowturd” for saying that the Alabama dynasty in over. Even funnier than Phyllis’ epic optimum anger is the fact that ESPN broke the call down today on this morning’s SportsCenter. Phyllis is always entertaining, even though she’s completely incapable of looking at her beloved Tide objectively. Listen to Phyllis’ rant and watch Paul Finebaum and Danny Kanell break down her call in SportsCenter Breaks Down Phyllis From Alabama .



Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Bieber Blows It With Selena Gomez Again 

Biebs 5

The Canadian Clown Show rolls on!

The latest round of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez being back together lasted just a few weeks (pretty much their standard) before the little punk ass Canadian screwed it all up again. Apparently Selena has kicked the Biebs to the curb once again, this time for lying about a dinner he had with Kendall Jenner last week in Paris. Bieber reportedly told Selena he was going to dinner with his security team on the night of September 30th and would meet up with her afterward at the CR Fashion Book party. In reality, he went to dinner with Kendall at Ferdi in Paris and was repeatedly photographed while there. When Selena found out the truth, the shit hit the fan, have a look at the chain of events that led to the latest break up in – Bieber Lies To Selena About Dinner With Kendall – Gets Kicked To The Curb.



Paula Patton Back On The Open Market 

PP 4

Paula P is finally free!

There are not too many women on the face of the Earth that we celebrate here at Busch League Sports more than Paula Patton, so you could imagine our excitement when news came down today that Paula had officially filed for divorce from serial douche Robin Thicke, despite his lame efforts to win her back. We’ve compiled some evidence for Paula just in case Robin wants to make this divorce nasty. It’s pretty much and open and shut case in our opinion. Have a look at – Paula Patton Files For Divorce From Douche Robin Thicke .



Friday, October 10th, 2014

Katy Perry Gets The Super Bowl Gig 


What could possibly go wrong?

Katy Perry took ESPN’s College Gameday by storm last weekend, running roughshod over the entire Gameday desk. Host Chris Fowler seemed to have some inside knowledge of the breaking news that came down tonight as he asked Katy if she was going to play halftime of the Super Bowl, last Saturday. In response to the question Perry said, “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl.” There was a report earlier in the year that the NFL might seek money from the artist who got the gig. Apparently the NFL has given the spot to Katy. Watch The Best of Katy Perry on Gameday



Athletes Drink Huge Beers at Oktoberfest

Yep, that's Germany World Cup Hero Manuel Neuer climbing on tables.

Yep, that’s Germany World Cup Hero Manuel Neuer climbing on tables.

Not only were there Busch Leaguers representing at Oktoberfest, but a bunch of athletes partook in the festivities as well. It sure looked like a good time was had by all. Maybe someday we’ll get over there to enjoy some huge steins of beer and take in a Bayern Munich game or two. Have a look at all the fun that was had – Athletes & Busch Leaguers Do Oktoberfest In Munich.



Jon Stewart Delivers a Beatdown to AIG

jon stewart

What a joke!

Jon Stewart and his Daily Show media outlet have been the source of some epic rants over the years, putting rich,greedy, arrogant pricks in their places on the regular.  I’m not sure about you, but the $184.6 Billion bailout you, me and Uncle Sam delivered to Hank Greenberg and AIG Insurance Co. in 2008 was one of the more maddening events in our country’s history. We were delighted when this happened this week – Jon Stewart Crunches the Numbers – Comes Up With FUCK YOU, AIG



Saturday, October 11th, 2014

The Spoon Man on Senseless Fan Violence


Moron Shit.

It used to be that the football players on the field were the ones presumed to be most in danger of getting injured during NFL and college games. However, a recent increase in fan violence across the country might change that presumption. It might actually be the fans in attendance at those games that are the most in danger of being battered, beaten, knocked out, paralyzed, or, in extreme situation, even killed. The Spoon man outlines this disturbing trend at games and offers some solutions in – FAN DUELS: Fighting Back Against Increased Violence at Sporting Events



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Cal Hall

Busch Leaguers representing in Berkeley on GameDay!

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